Someone Needed to Say It: Pope Warns Sicilian Mafia They’ll End Up In Hell

by Jim Kouri
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The popular leader of the Roman Catholic Church in an historic message on Friday warned members of the Sicilian Mafia that if they do not repent of their sins — including their murders — they will “end up in hell” for all eternity, according to Vatican Radio.

Pope Francis called members of the Mafia in Italy and throughout the world to change their ways following a Catholic prayer service at a parish church in Rome, Italy. During the service he personally addressed the mobsters.

The prayer service was held for the families and friends of victims murdered by Mafia members through the years. During the prayer vigil Pope Francis had the names of almost 850 Italians read aloud who had been killed by organized crime members or associates.

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The church was packed with almost 1,000 people who came to memorialize the deceased relatives.

“Blood-stained money, blood-stained power, you can’t bring it with you to your next life. Repent,” he said. “There is still time to avoid ending up in hell, which is where you are going if you continue down this path.”

Pope Francis’ attended the church service and uttered his message when he heard the news that two-year-old Domenico Petruzzelli, was killed along with his mother … Read the Rest at article/pope-to-sicilian-mafia-you-will-end-up-hell

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