Yes, They Exist! Chat with a Pro-Gun Brit

Written by Angel Rodriguez on March 27, 2014

Yesterday I was one of the musical guests on an U.K. web based artist showcase. U.K. Freedom Radio had me aboard for about one hour. During the time, we played some of my songs, and then we discussed the details in respect to what that particular song meant to me. Why did I write it? What was I feeling, and so on. This was followed by the show host conducting a more in-depth interview about who I am and the various projects that I am involved with. Obviously, one of the things I do is cover politics! 

To be completely honest with you guys, I do try to stay very far away from politics when I am wearing my performer hat. I don’t think it is relevant to my music overall, and will only serve to create conflict. Even so, somehow we still ended up talking about gun control. As I mentioned, I really didn’t want to get into politics, but once there, I’m not one to shy away from my beliefs. So I went in on my views in regard to gun rights. Consequently, I was invited to come back on the show for one of their political segments where I can actually let loose. See, then I’ll be wearing my political columnist hat. 

In any case, here is the part that I found noteworthy for this post. We know that, for the most part, the U.K is anti-gun. However, interestingly enough, the show’s host stated that he had been involved in the gun debate on more than one occasion. What is his final view point you might ask? Here are his words: 

Angel, fight! Don’t let them take away your second amendment rights. Here, if the cops want to kill you, they get their guns, show up, and it’s over. They know that most people won’t be able to defend themselves. That goes even double for the criminals! If a criminal kicks down your door, and he has a gun to rob you, he knows he is perfectly safe and no one can defend themselves. It is really bad for us good people.

Now isn’t this something that we have touched on here? Time and time again! We make these points, over and over again. Now here is a guy who lives in as anti-gun a place as there ever has been, and he can still see this. He’s not an American; this guy is as British as a man can get! However, we share the same view, all the way across the pond and all. 

I don’t believe that the NRA is funding anything that he is involved with. He can’t even own a gun, and he lives in a place where even cops can’t have their guns without some special permission. However, here we are, across the pond, and agreeing with one another. Mind you, he wasn’t totally Gung-Ho about it. You could hear from his tone and thoughtfulness that he really had to dig, deep-down inside to come to his conclusion. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, he sided with the pro-gun patriots! 

“Don’t let them take your guns away.” 

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