Cliven Bundy Done F***ed Up: Stop Supporting that Racist

Published on April 25, 2014

By Tim Young
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Have you watched the full video of Cliven Bundy being racist?  The New York Times took the boring parts out so it cut right to the chase, but what he had to say was still disgusting.  The fact that some of you can still support him and say that he was set up does 2 things for me:

1 – It speaks to your lack of intelligence

2 – It also makes you look like a racist.

I’m just wondering how what he said wasn’t racist?  Rather than saying that African Americans are held more in slavery today by government handouts than they were in the past, Bundy says that “negroes” who have nothing to do but sit around in their houses all day, have abortions and go to jail would have better living situations if they were forced to learn how to pick cotton.  He then goes on to clarify that what he means by picking cotton is ACTUAL slavery and questions if their lives would be better off as ACTUAL slaves than the implied slovenly lazy lives of crime and abortions.


I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland… and not necessarily a good part of it.  My high school was tops in narcotics and teen pregnancy when I graduated.  I guess I didn’t look as hard as Mr. Bundy did when he was driving around Nevada, because I never once saw a group of African Americans sitting around in their homes with nothing to do except have abortions and go to jail.  I saw hard working Americans who, like my family, had to struggle to make it in the world, but made due with what they had.

When I lived in downtown Washington, D.C., I actually did see a group of African Americans lazily sitting around on their stoop out front of their home… not only did I see them, I sat with them, after a long day of work for all of us… and we discussed life and laughed about the sad existence of racism in our society today.  You see, those older men and myself when I sat with them would see white people drive by in our neighborhood looking scared, assuming that these guys and the neighborhood we lived in was bad, you know… because of the wrong color of people living there.

Cliven Bundy had a decent point in standing against the government because of the actions of BLM.  There was something there… but that was all washed away when he got stupid and started talking about different races.

You can make excuses and call him “old-fashioned;” you can call him “ignorant;” you can call him a “bigot;” but I’m going to go ahead and ‘double-down’ with racist.

Here’s just a quick test for you morons out there who don’t know what’s racist and what’s not:  If you can say what you’re thinking about another race in an uncomfortably warm room full of larger than you, ‘angry looking’ members of that race comfortably, then there’s a 99.9% chance it’s not racist.  If you can’t, then keep your damn mouth shut.

In the end, what could have been a victory for the right and the Tea Party has been squandered by stupidity… and I didn’t even need to cover why he thought it was good to speak on race when that isn’t even his issue to touch…

Republicans: This is why we lose.

Oh and in case you missed what he said, you can watch the full video here:

Or just cut to basically what anyone with common sense heard, which is here:

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