Conservatives Double Down on Surrender

Written by Paul Hair on April 13, 2014

Mozilla firing Brendan Eich emboldened sodomites and their allies even as conservatives and their allies appear ready to double down on their strategy of surrender which will result in the loss of even more freedom.

The celebrations over destroying Eich’s career haven’t yet ended but that doesn’t mean the anti-morality forces have slowed down their war. LifeSiteNews reports that, “Gay activists aim to shut down Oregon health food store over owner’s support for true marriage”:

Chauncy Childs had planned to open Moreland Farmers Pantry, an organic, locally-sourced grocery store, in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. But because of comments she made under a pseudonym during a discussion on Facebook last year in which she defended true marriage and said business owners should have the right to refuse to serve gay weddings, homosexual activists have threatened her entire supply chain with boycotts unless they agree to pull their products from her shelves.

“Here is a current list of Moreland Farmers Pantry vendors, from their website. We will be posting their contact information shortly,” the boycott organizers wrote on Facebook. “If you’re a vendor on this list, who has pulled your product from their shelves, please let us know and you will be removed from this list.”

Local pro-homosexual activist Sean O’Riordan, whose late brother died of AIDS and whose wife is bisexual, first publicized Childs’ comments, which were posted under the alias Lynn Brice. In a YouTube video, O’Riordan went through a list of things Childs posted that he found offensive, and urged people to boycott her store.

It would be great if people decided to fight back against the O’Riordans’ jihad by turning it on them but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Nor have I seen any conservative organizations follow Mozilla’s lead by announcing that they are going to fire any employee who doesn’t share their values. Conservatives just aren’t good at fighting back. In fact, conservatives actually assist in their own destruction.

For instance, Liberty University (still synonymous with Jerry Falwell who unapologetically supported the truth) is showing some troubling signs.

Christian News Network reported that the Christian university hired a sodomite and anti-morality advocate to choreograph a theater production:

Director Linda Nell Cooper told Christian News Network that Alluvian/Liberty University was not aware of Goldberg’s beliefs about homosexuality, but stated that one’s “personal life” is not a factor in the hiring process.

“He was hired based on his professionalism and his talent like everyone else,” Cooper explained. “It never came up in the conversation, nor would it have. … We do not ask about their personal life.”

“We work under professional guidelines. No one knows anything about anyone’s personal lives,” she reiterated.

The same Christian News Network article reported on how Brandon Ambrosino wrote about being an open sodomite at Liberty and how he experienced no repercussions for that. The article also notes that Ambrosino is enrolled “as a graduate student in Liberty’s seminary program.”

So while leftists are literally taking names and destroying the lives of their enemies, conservatives respond by welcoming these same people into their camps so they can subvert them.

Simply put, conservatives have embraced a culture of defeat.

Nothing better underscores the defeated mindset of conservatives than a column published by The Washington Post this past week. The author describes how there has been nothing but leftist victories over the past 70 years.

In response, conservatives make two simple claims: Most policies under debate are liberal, and Republican leaders sacrifice conservative principles when they compromise. History shows they are right on both counts.

I combed through hundreds of history books covering American public policy since 1945, tracking the most significant domestic policy changes that made it into law and the actors that historians credit for those changes. Of the 509 most significant domestic policies passed by Congress, only one in five were conservative, in that they contracted the scope of government funding, regulation or responsibility. More than 60 percent were liberal: They clearly expanded government. The others offered a mix of liberal or conservative components or took no clear ideological direction. When significant policy change occurs in the executive branch, it is even less likely to be conservative; only 10 percent of the executive orders and agency rules that policy historians cited were conservative.

Even labeling as conservative policy government expansions in pursuit of conservative goals, such as traditional values or tougher sentencing, makes little difference in this conclusion; few significant policy changes fall into this category, though we hear about them often in campaigns.

Ultimately, if conservatives and their allies do not change course and start sincerely fighting back against those destroying them, then they will continue losing and the freedoms we have already lost will seem mild by comparison. Current conservative leadership seems incapable of making this change. Therefore, maybe it’s time for a change of leadership.

Paul Hair
Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.