SAVE THE EARTH & KILL THE BIRDS: Birds Killed, ‘Entire Food Chains’ Disrupted by Solar Panels

Published on April 13, 2014

Perhaps, other than the various scandals that have plagued the Obama administration, no one word evokes a more negative response among Obama’s detractors than “Solyndra.” Solyndra has come to represent the billions of taxpayer dollars lost on Obama’s quixotic quest to drag America away from fossil fuels – and push it toward “renewable” energy.

Now, a new report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finds that solar farms in California are killing multiple species of birds and disrupting entire food chains.

After a two-year study of three solar farms in Southern California – Desert Sunlight, Genesis Solar and Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System – Fish & Wildlife reports that 233 birds have been killed from 71 different species. The three main causes of death were:

1. Solar flux

2. Impact (or blunt force) trauma

3. Predators

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