The Left’s Infuriating Double Standard! Just to Make Things Fair?

Written by Mark Mayberry on April 26, 2014

So, even though this has been a fantastic week for myself, I decided that I needed to live up to my reputation here at Clash and hurt some feelings. I really do dislike taking these liberals apart every week, I swear. That’s why for about the last month I have been trying to head into some other equally important topics. However, I have given all the religious and dating advice that I have so I am reverting back to the evil little Conservative devil that I am. I’m not going to pretend that this is going to change anyone’s mind, but honestly this is about telling the truth to those who care about hearing it, not begging liberals to be reasonable.

Let’s get started hurting feelings. As you can tell by the title, America has become all about the double standards. Everybody has double standard that applies to them and unfortunately they will always be there. Societal stereotypes and double standards are just one of the many ills we have to deal with in our culture. We aren’t going to change these double standards without some real social reforms that, frankly, I don’t see on the horizon. The double standards we can change are those at the political level.

Let’s start with my favorite. Before Barack Obama’s name dried on the office of the President he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. So, President Obama the savior of America, was such a man of peace that he got the trophy before he ever played the game. To this day it is still trumpeted as such an accomplishment.

Well, why don’t we look at the world and see what the president of peace has done now with six years in office. Barack Obama carried on the policy of drone strikes from George Bush with all of the veracity of Michael Moore on all you can eat night. In his almost six years in office Barack Obama has launched eight times as many drone strikes in non-theater countries as Gorge Bush did in eight years. These drone strikes have killed more than 2,400 people. More than ten percent of the people killed have been deemed innocent civilians.

Barack Obama has carried out a campaign of regime change across the Middle East and now into Eastern Europe. In each one of these countries we have seen massive violence against the civilian population as well as the Christian population. More than one hundred thousand dead in Syria, Christians burned to death in Egypt and United States personnel brutally murdered and dragged through the streets of Libya. An event by the way that marks the first time American bodies have been dragged through the streets of Africa since the last American Messiah, Bill Clinton, had us tied up in Africa.

Now Barack Obama and his bimbo friend Victoria Nuland have sent Ukraine on a collision course with civil war.

However in all of this, I still hear that Dubya, Cheney and Rummy are war criminals. George Bush is a war criminal for starting the war and Barack Obama is a patriot for never closing GITMO and bombing countries we aren’t at war with. Since Obama took the oath in 2008 there hasn’t been a single world conflict that there isn’t a red white and blue signature on. President Obama has killed more civilians with his regime change and meddling than any other president in history, yet George Bush is a Nazi war criminal?

Clive Bundy is walked into making an ill-advised and terribly worded statement about slavery. He said some unadvisable and, frankly, incorrect things about slavery.

However, unlike some of the conservative media and gutless members of the Senate, one of which would never have my vote in a primary, I am not going to distance myself from his fight and issue. Instead, I want to talk about the double standard.

Harry Reid used this same evil term “Negro”. Lucky for Harry that Barack Obama was so magnanimous to publicly pardon him and give him the nod. Because, you see, in American culture today you can say whatever racist garbage you want as long as you have the blessing of a popular black guy or if you are a popular black guy. Chris Rock referred to the President of the United States as our first “zebra president” and no one batted and eye. What if Rush Limbaugh called President Obama a Zebra?

I could list a hundred instances in which white and black liberals are allowed to say anything racist that they want; or that black hip hop artists are allowed to use the “N” word with impunity more than three hundred times in a sixty minute album. The race card is a double standard. If we really hate racism so damn much, why do we glorify it in our movies, music and political dealings? Why do we allow people who do nothing but push those who are racists to the top of the media stack, unless they are white or their name is David Duke? If it is protected speech for Barack Obama’s pastor and mentor to say that the death of more than three thousand Americans is “America’s chicken’s coming home to roost” than why isn’t David Duke afforded the same protection?

We can do this all day but the final piece of my own personal puzzle for this week is less about politics and more about us as people. Who remembers Treyvon Martin? Treyvon was killed and the NAACP and all their hommies at the New Black Panther Party showed up in the small town of Sanford. Hell, half the country ran to defend Treyvon and his civil rights. Since then an uncountable and frankly nauseating number of young white men and women have been actually murdered by out of control African-American teenagers for their wallets, purses, cellphones and sometimes for no other reason than they are out for a jog. Where are all these people who cared so much about civil rights? When are we going to stop these ridiculous excuses for evil people and stop blaming everything but the root cause which is the disgusting society that we not only live in but also built with all of our liberal niceties?

Why is George Bush a war criminal? Why can’t everyone be protected under the first amendment? Why isn’t every American’s right to life and safety protected? I can answer all three questions easily. It’s a double standard just to make it fair. Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright and Treyvon Martin are all afforded liberties that we are not. You see, liberals in America have set up a paradigm in our country that says only certain people are deserving of these various “passes” from the rules because they are a minority or because they are sixteen or, my favorite, because they are our first minority president and the only reason I have a problem is because he is a minority.

If you guys don’t believe me, when you read the news today just ask yourself. The answer you will come to is that it is a double standard just to make it fair. President Obama inherited a mess, Jeremiah Wright was a product of the racial 1960’s and Treyvon Martin was just an innocent kid skipping home with Skittles. They need the extra help just so it’s fair. Well, here is a dose of fairness. We are living in a time that no longer abides this fairness, from here on in, those of you who want everything to be fair do all of us a favor and grow up. You want life to be fair, stop searching for racism and the ills of the last century. Honestly, it went out of style with The Gap and is equally unattractive.

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