Insanity: Are the Inmates Running the Asylum in America?

Published on April 7, 2014

by Larry Usoff
Clash Daily Contributor

Are the inmates running the asylum?  If you live in, or near, a coal-mining area, you’re probably well aware of the financial impact the coal industry has on that area. Coal has made great strides in becoming “clean”, or at least a lot cleaner than it used to be, when it’s being used. Coal powers a major portion of the energy output of this country, and I don’t know what percentage that might be, but it’s big.

My question is this: why would anyone want to shut down an entire industry, putting thousands of people out of work, decimating the economy of a large portion of the country, in favor of an industry that, for the present, is not working?  I think I remember Joe Biden saying “no coal plants” in America, when he was running for vice-president.  The green industry, of which the president is so fond, is viable…but just not right now.  

Let me give you an example.  There are millions of automobiles and trucks moving about this country every day.  When they want fuel there are probably hundreds of thousands of places where they can get fuel.  Suppose you owned an electric car, and you have a home plug-in for that car.  All well and good, but what happens when you travel away from your home area?  Will you be able to find a charging station…anywhere?When the day comes when there are charging stations at every GAS station, that might improve the sales of electric vehicles.  

There is another problem which the brainiacs don’t seem to be able to solve, and that is the size, weight and charging abilities of batteries.  Way back in the 1950’s I think one of the magazines wrote that in the near future electric cars would be able to go hundreds of miles at highway speeds. What happened?

 We’re being called the regulation nation…why?  Is it because there IS an agenda being used that WILL “fundamentally transform America”, as the president said he’d do?  When a law is passed and it has 2700 pages, but the regulations covering it run into the tens of thousands of pages, doesn’t that tell you something?  It tells me that industries are being strangled, and in a systematical way, in order to further that agenda.  

This president has an ego the size of Texas, and he truly believes that he can accomplish miracles, but the miracles he’s proposing are aimed at bringing the United States down to second, or third-world level.  The wrongly-named Affordable Care Act probably cannot be repealed in its entirety, but it can be chopped up, the bad parts defunded and reworked.  

We don’t need the United States to be transformed, we need Obamacare to be transformed …into something that IS affordable and does show some CARE.  There are doctors in Congress that have put forth good, workable, changes to that law but everything that is, in any way, resistant to everything the White House proposes, is shot down in the Senate by Harry Reid.  Senator Reid should retire.  He’s outlived whatever qualifications he had originally to be elected to the Senate.  Now he is only a political thug, and he’s helping another political thug, the president.  Anything that the House of Representitives approves and sends to the Senate, if it offers the tiniest bit of help to America, is deemed dead on arrival by Reid.  Why can’t he be forced to resign, or retire?  He is the poster boy for term limits in my estimation.

My opinion is just that, my opinion, and there’s a lot that goes on in the world that is beyond my ken.  Take the Ukraine as an example.  Putin, the president of Russia, is an ex-KGB agent, and he’s shown that he’s smart and ruthless, and that’s a dangerous combination.  Our president, who was manipulated into the highest office in the land, has never done anything of real significance, believes that on the strength of his personality, he can calm the stormy seas.  

John Bolton, a no-nonsense former Ambassador to the United Nations, said that sending Kerry to negotiate with a spokesperson from Russia about the Ukraine is like sending a cupcake to negotiate with a steak knife.  Kerry, or Lurch, was not a good soldier, he was not a good Senator, and he is clearly not a good Secretary of State.   

The Russians are not bashful about saying they could go to war with the United States. They, like our Defense Department, run war games on their computers like we do on ours.  The difference is that they are willing to take the losses which they estimate could be up to about half the population.  The US, for all the talk about our technological superiority, would come out second best in a nuclear war with the Russians…and I suspect that Washington knows this all too well.   We do the mealy-mouth thing and talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk…well, we DID put sanctions on eleven Russians…that should count for something, right?   This country desperately needs a leader, and we don’t have one now.

You want to put people back to work in this country?  Let’s see…what needs fixing?There’s several hundred bridges that need to be replaced or shored up…probably hundreds of thousands of roads that need to be repaved.  This is not government work, this is state work, county work, city work, so the money should not be going to the federal government to be wasted on projects that idiots dream up for other idiots to activate.  Come on, people, use some common sense.  Here’s a very simple rule to remember…if it’s not made in the USA, we don’t need it because this country can make anything they want to, and probably make it better than anybody else.  

Cheap labor is not the panacea that a lot of business people think it is.  Example…do you want Chinese parts, which have been shown to be shoddy and just-plain-wrong, in our fighting aircraft?   We have the greatest farming system in the world, but we import a whole lot of stuff.  Why?  Is the little bit of profit that might be gleaned from overseas labor worth putting Americans out of work?

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