ISLAMISTS ‘TROJAN HORSE’: Ringleader Authored 72-Page Document on How to Highjack Schools

Published on April 27, 2014

The alleged ringleader of the Islamist ‘Trojan horse’ plot to take over a number of British schools reportedly wrote a 72-page document detailing how a takeover could occur.

The Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan reports that Tahir Alam, who was the chairman of governors at the Park View school in Birmingham, called for “girls [to] be covered except for their hands and faces”, advocated gender segregation in some school activities, and attacked a “multicultural approach” to collective worship.

Gilligan writes:

The so-called Trojan Horse plot involves the alleged takeover of secular state schools and the removal of secular head teachers in Birmingham by radical Muslim staff and governors. Five non-Muslim heads have left their posts in a tiny area of the city over the past six months. Twenty-five Birmingham schools are being investigated by the council and 18 have already been inspected by Ofsted of which at least six, including Park View, will be rated “inadequate” for leadership and management.

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