LESBIAN LUNATICS: Lesbian Couple Arrested For Abusing Disabled Son

Published on April 27, 2014

A six-year-old boy whose mother forced him into a dog cage then poured syrup and kitty litter on him was rescued after neighbors heard him screaming, ‘Do you love me?’ to his abuser, authorities said.

The boy’s mother, Crystal Jean Hostetter, 24, and her long-term girlfriend, Sarah Elizabeth McClain, 30, allegedly abused the boy – who has psychological issues and does not like sticky substances – for two hours on Saturday. Neighbors witnessed the treatment and alerted authorities.

The two women, from Douglasville, Georgia, appeared in front of a Douglas County Magistrate on Thursday, where they were both charged with cruelty to children.

They allegedly forced the boy into a small crate, covered his feet and hands with syrup and kitty litter and also made him hold a brick above his head for 15 minutes, police told the Douglas County Sentinel.

The boy was heard screaming, ‘Please don’t kill me!’ and ‘Do you love me?’, police said.

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