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IT’S A MIRACLE: WH, ’10Mil Have Signed Up for Obamacare’ If You Include Medicaiders and PRISON INMATES

Three million lower-income Americans have enrolled in the Medicaid program for the poor so far during the rollout of U.S. President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, the administration announced on Friday.

That brings the number of people who have signed up for both public and private health coverage to 10 million since the October 1 launch of Affordable Care Act.

A percentage of those new enrollees includes prisoners in cash-strapped states that have decided to rely on Obamacare for their inmates’ health insurance needs.

The prisoners are getting brought into the fold the same way that a number Medicaid enrolees are, as 26 states are in the process of trying to extend medical coverage to single and childless adults who fall into certain categories.

Fox News reports that jail operators in half of those states are trying to do the same for their inmates.

If this is passed, that would mean that some emergency insurance costs would not only be covered by state while they are in prison but the coverage would extend to after they are released.

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