Round Three! Assorted Deep Thoughts Written on Napkins

Published on April 21, 2014

by Larry Usoff
Clash Daily Contributor

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(Part two available here)

As an example of wasted money, here’s this from Senator Coburn’s annual Wastebook for 2012.  How about Moroccan pottery classes to the tune of $27 million, or building robot squirrels $325 thousand?  There’s lots more, and the 2013 book isn’t available yet, as far as I know.  We are $17 trillion in debt, with no good chance of ever getting out of that hole but we’ll keep digging because the Congress can’t control spending right now.  Did you know that the website for Obamacare cost $319 million and doesn’t work all that well?  If you buy anything from eBay or Amazon, there is a clear path for you to obtain your purchase — not so with Obamacare.  Do you like pizza?  How about one that was printed on a 3-D printer?  The feds paid right at $125 thousand to find out about that.

America has been on a food binge for years and years.  That would be one explanation why we, as a population, are getting fatter every year.  Seats on airplanes and in movie theaters have been “enlarged” to handle the bigger rear-ends that get plopped into them.  Here’s something you might want to think about: Russia buys, or used to buy, a lot of wheat from us.  We pay them to get our astronauts up to the International Space Station. Why don’t we charge them the same amount for the wheat that they charge us for the ride?  In fact, we probably feed a pretty good portion of the world, don’t we?   Should you come down with diabetes or something else, not to worry because ObamaCare will cover them when you find work and sign up, or, when Iceland becomes a tropical paradise.

When Jay Leno was still on TV, he used to do some interviews with people that he’d meet on the street and the answers they gave, to the questions he’d ask, would make me wonder about the future of this country. If the questions were about anything to do with the running of the country, they didn’t have a clue but ask them about sports, movies, who-just-got-married to-what-other-celebrity, and they were right there with the answer. Our kids are being dumbed down, and it’s deliberate.  The people that might pose a military, or economical, threat in the future are raising a generation of kids that will most likely beat us six ways from Sunday.

Well, that cleaned up a bunch of napkins.

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