Unreported? BO’s Booty May Have Been Booted From Saudi Arabia

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on April 3, 2014

Bravo, Kevin Jackson. America has much to applaud with the launch of the new website, BlackSphere not the least of which is a black, Conservative point-of-view blog instead of the ubiquitous, cookie-cutter, liberal blather. Mr. Jackson ran a story in BlackSphere on Saturday which went unnoticed everywhere else: “Obama dismissed by Saudi King Abdullah?”

Media coverage of the Saudi trip was hijacked by a Politico reporter, Carrie Budoff Brown. Brown, exemplifying the professionalism expected of a senior White House correspondent these days, Tweeted illicit photos of King Abdullah’s royal person and hideaway. The to-do was all about how news of the Saudi royal family is kept virtually absent from Riyadh’s hoi polloi. Much was made of her black market pictures of the king’s crib and its up-market accoutrements. The UK MailOnline was breathless at Brown’s daring exploit:

Senior White House reporter Carrie Budoff Brown’s tweets transfixed thousands of Saudis who receive very little news of their own royal family and government because of strict censorship rules(:)
— Since the Arab Spring, use of Twitter has grown exponentially in the region, making it the fastest growing market in the world
— And when Brown began posting pictures of 89-year-old King Abdullah, whose health is unknown to his people, her followers jumped from 3,500 to more than 15,000 in just 24 hours
— As of Monday morning, Brown had 17,000 followers on Twitter

Fascinating, isn’t it? No?

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This juvenile hoopla becomes much more understandable and infinitely more interesting when taken as a MSM “news” juke. Mr. Jackson, however, aired an item that, apparently, the folks in front of the wizard’s curtain aren’t supposed to notice. According to Mr. Jackson: “Was there a national emergency in Obama’s Final Four bracket? The objective of the visit (to Saudi Arabia) was to mend fences, and get the relationship between America and the Saudi’s back on track, so why the abrupt end? Although the White House denies there was dinner scheduled, apparently scrubbing all references to the soiree; there is some evidence still out there.”

It wasn’t just dinner that was broomed, either; according to the Los Angeles Times, as recently as Sunday, the visit was still being listed as an overnight jaunt:

The meeting (with Dr. Maha Al Muneef, executive director of what U.S. officials claim is the first organization in Saudi Arabia dedicated to the issues of domestic violence and child abuse) capped Obama’s overnight visit to the kingdom. The president arrived Friday for a meeting with King Abdullah. The visit was intended to underscore the U.S. commitment to the long-standing ally in the Middle East and smooth over tensions in the relationship. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have differed about how to approach the Syrian civil war and Iran’s nuclear program, among other issues.

Blah, blah, blah.

Mr. Jackson, decidedly not in cover-the-Imperial-president’s-posterior mode, provided a screen shot of the Associated Press release about The Lyin’ King’s “overnight stay.” Whoops. The BlackSphere went further: “It is rumored that the Obama administration has even demanded the return of all materials related to the event from the media, like copies of the printed schedule. The White House has even deleted a tweet about the ‘intimate’ dinner.”

The public is being press-ganged into being more concerned with frantic media fake-outs than it is with the Most Transparent Administration in History. Meanwhile, The Lyin’ King’s overnight stay with “America’s good friends,” the Saudis, collapsed into a two-hour bum’s rush.

It’s fun to think that King Abdullah might have quoted Duck Dynasty’s Robertsons once The Lyin’ King was kicked to the curb: “He gone.”

Image: Courtesy of: http://mideastsoccer.blogspot.com/2011_05_01_archive.html

Marilyn Assenheim
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