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BAN EVERYTHING: ‘Killer Virgin’ Used A Knife, Car And Gun Therefore, Ban Them All!

They come in different sizes, there are automatic and non-automatic versions, and they were used by UC Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger in the most recent murderous rampage. No, they are not guns — they are knives.

According to the Associated Press (via ABC affiliate WFFA), the crazed sex-starved killer stabbed three men to death in his apartment before gunning down two women and a male victim on the college campus.

Assume for a moment that president and the authorities, presumably meaning Congress, took action. Imagine that they outlawed the sale and ownership of firearms. Let’s suppose further that in order to make all this kosher, the powers that be repealed the Second Amendment.

Two questions arise. First, how would these law changes decrease the number of unregistered, illegally owned guns in the country? According to a Small Arms Survey conducted in 2007 by the Geneva, Switzerland-based Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, there’s no way to know how many weapons are we talking about. For what it’s worth, estimates the number of both licit and illicit guns held by civilians in the United States is between 270,000,000 and 310,000,000.

Second, how would these policy shifts alter the fact that half Elliot Rodger’s victims, excluding himself, were killed by knife?

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