Lowest of the Low: It’s Now Cool to Abort Babies on Video?

Written by Angel Rodriguez on May 8, 2014

The left is becoming more and more daring. I recently covered “The Slippery slope” as we spoke about those heathens who engaged in a “three-way marriage.” Today I read about a school who assigned school kids a book that contained sexual content. Everyday these people are pushing the bar further and further down into the depths of liberal hell.

That being said, I have to take this time to discuss the lowest form of trash I have seen. The disgusting, fly larva of a human being who decided to film herself having an abortion. I haven’t watched the video, and have no intention of doing so. I simply cannot understand what kind of human being would even consider showing “how ok” having an abortion is by filming it. I think that most pro-choice supporters would have the common decency to keep this procedure between them, their doctor, and their maker. Not this trash though, she wanted to make news. She wanted some attention, so she went ahead and filmed it. As much as I don’t want to acknowledge her psychotic delusions, you simply cannot ignore this level of madness.

Let’s examine this from a simple logical point of view. I’m not going to get into the religious aspect of it. I won’t go into when life begins, I won’t even touch the right to life. Let’s just talk from a logical common sense point of view here. No laws, no God, nothing but simple words and common sense. So I have a question to start off this common sense discussion.


I’ll tell you who, this freak that we are talking about, that’s who. There is a part of me that hopes this wench states it was all fake in order to get a reaction from those crazy Conservatives. Somehow I doubt that though, but I refuse to watch the video. These days people will do anything for a little exposure, web hits, and shock value. Filming an abortion has to be a new low though. I mean it doesn’t get much more disgusting than that, now does it? What a vile, disgusting woman this is. I never wish harm on a person, but I can’t say that I would feel bad if the procedure went wrong, and she lost her ability to reproduce.

What makes matters even worse is that I’m willing to bet the farm that this wench would be one of the people protesting the death penalty and Mr. Clayton Lockett’s so called painful, botched execution. Cry me a river! Personally, if it ended up with him dead, which was the objective, I don’t see why we are calling it botched. It may have taken a different path, but the result was the same. Perfectly fine by me. In any case, trash like this woman has their priorities screwed up really bad! They don’t make them much worse than this, I assure you.

I’m not sharing anything new here. This story has been covered inside and out. However, I had to get this rant out. This isn’t about pro-life vs. pro-choice. This is about humanity sinking to a level that may be so low that we cannot recover. I believe she has the right to make this video, based on the first amendment. Just the same, I choose to exercise my right to be utterly disgusted by her, to call her a freak, a wench, a heathen, and to talk about how she deserves to be aborted on a Youtube video.

Lord, please save this world from insane people like this.   

Image: Courtesy of: http://www.graveandmostglorious.com/2010/page/7/


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