FAMOUS BLACK FEMINIST: Beyoncé is Bad For Young Girls, She’s a ‘Terrorist’

Published on May 10, 2014

Legendary feminist scholar bell hooks ripped into Beyoncé during a panel discussion in New York this week, branding her ‘anti-Feminist’ and even a ‘terrorist.’

Ain’t I a Woman? author Gloria Jean Watkins – who goes by pen name ‘bell hooks’ was at a New School panel discussing the subject ‘liberating the black female body’ when she tackled the famous singer and her effect on young girls.

The subject was broached initially by Janet Mock, a transgendered activist and author, who wanted to discuss how inspirational she found the 32-year-old singer to be when writing her own book.

Wearing a white bikini on a recent edition of Time, didn’t advance the mother of one’s case with bell.

‘She probably had very little control over that cover, that image,’ hooks said.

She added that she was adding to the ‘construction of herself as a slave.’

bell then added that she believes it’s Bey’s money that talks.

She explained: ‘Wealthy is what so many young people fantasize, dream about, sexualize, eroticize…and one could argue even more than her body is what that body stands for…wealth, fame, celebrity – all the things that so many people in our culture are lusting for, wanting.’

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