Mike Turner: A Young Conservative Making History One Election At a Time

Published on May 10, 2014

By Tim Young
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

If you aren’t from Oklahoma, you probably haven’t heard the name Mike Turner yet, but you should.

Turner just became the first Republican Oklahoman Representative in 30 years to override a Republican Governor’s veto of legislation… and that’s a HUGE deal.  The Governor was attempting to limit 2nd amendment rights by vetoing House Bill 2461, that required state law enforcement officials to sign off on firearms purchases in 15 days or less.

According to Turner, this law would allow Sheriffs to waver and take their sweet time giving people the authorization to purchase guns.  This changed the law so that Sheriffs could no longer be biased about who and when they would allow Oklahomans to buy guns.  It would force them to allow persons with the right to buy guns to acquire them in a timely manner.

“I don’t think our Second Amendment rights are ever negotiable,” said Turner, “People should be on the record supporting (gun rights) or not supporting (gun rights).

Governor Mary Fallon didn’t like the idea of limiting the response time of the government to authorize firearms purchases… so she vetoed it.  Turner, a staunch conservative and believer in the 2nd amendment wouldn’t take the veto sitting down.  So he led the fight to override his own party’s governor… and the rest of the legislature agreed with him.

You would think that such a strong elected conservative who stands for the Second Amendment would be an old man… but this just isn’t the case.  Turner is only 27… and when he isn’t wiping the floor of Oklahoma’s liberal policy in the State House, he’s running for United States Congress.  If elected, Turner will become the youngest Congressman in United States history, representing Oklahoma’s 5th district.

Why is he running?

“I just don’t think there’s any leadership and there’s a lack of backbone in Washington,” says Turner, “(my generation) is going to be inheriting problems (from Washington’s bad policy) over the next 50 to 70 years, so I have a vested interest in getting this country back to our roots, fighting for our country and conservative values.”

Turner isn’t just unique in age and success standing up for our gun rights, he also takes a unique approach to campaign fundraising:  NO PAC MONEY.

Turner wants to take a now non-traditional approach to running for Congress and will ONLY take donations from the people… not any special interests.  In fact, he has been given checks from multiple PACs that he just refuses to cash.  According to him, he puts them in an envelope where they sit.  He doesn’t want to be on the hook for a PACs policy or actions.  He wants to truly stand for the people that he represents and the conservative values that he personally believes in.

And in case you want to know how he would fare against the Obama administration, look no further than the successful protest Turner held against Attorney General Eric Holder coming to speak at the Oklahoma City Police Academy Graduation,


“I don’t know what he could speak about other than how he can remove American’s rights to privacy, rights to live and how to violate any and all guns laws for the sake of political expediency,” says Turner.

And he’s further going to bat against Obama and his “failed apologist foreign policy,” on Benghazi.  He believes the American people were lied to and he’s willing to go after this administration to bring them to justice.

Mike Turner is the perfect example of a Young Conservative who is sick and tired of the way things have been run in this nation.   Not only will he talk about it though, he will act on his beliefs.

Will Turner become the Youngest Congressman in history?  Time will tell, but one thing’s for certain, he already is and will continue to be a leader and a beacon of hope in dark times for conservative values.

Learn more about Mike at his website: http://mikeforthehouse.com/

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