SAY WHAT: 90yr. Old Man Shot In The Face Is SUED by Burglar

Written by Doug Giles on May 14, 2014

If you own a gun, I need you to read this carefully…

I recently came across an article about a man named Jay Leone. Jay’s was just a 90-year-old former Sheriff’s Deputy enjoying a peaceful morning at his home in Marin California, when his worst nightmare came true.

Without warning, BAM!, his door was kicked-in by a career criminal who had just been released from prison, named Samuel Cutrufelli.

Caught off guard, Sam ordered 90 year old Leone not to move as the house was scoured for valuables. But after awhile, Leone insisted that he had to use the bathroom, and convinced his captor to let him go. It was all a ruse. Leone had a .357 hidden in the bathroom of the home. He grabbed it and ran back and pointed it at the burglar. Samuel fired once, hitting Leone in the cheek.

Three of Leone’s shots hit their mark, but Samuel was able to wrestle the elderly man to the floor. He put the gun to his head, pulled the trigger, and it went, ‘click.’ Now wounded and out of options, Samuel fled the scene of his crime, wounded and bleeding.

He was soon picked up by law enforcement and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, he survived.

And now he’s suing the man he tried to rob and kill.

Leone may still be alive, but at 90 years of age and on a fixed-income, this lawsuit will devastate him financially. And until recently, there’s nothing he, or anyone else in his situation could do about it.

Just like me, you’re prepared to do what you need to do to protect your home and family. But unless you’re swimming in cash like Mr. Trump, no one’s prepared for the financially devestating legal consequences that will likely come soon after. One way or another, you end up as the victim, and frankly, that’s bullshit.

So a few weeks ago I started digging around online to see what people like you and I could do in order to protect ourselves financially if we’re ever in the same situation as ol’ Leone.

Well it turns out there’s ONE solution out there that was put together by a fellow Patriot, Tim Schmidt, who happens to be the Founder of the US Concealed Carry Association.

A few years ago, he set up a service that was specifically just for gun owners that would help them take care of their legal costs should they find themselves in a situation where they’ve had to use their firearm in self defense.

It’s called the Self-Defense Shield, and will provide you with up to $600,000 in protection for less that $1.00 per day.

I actually called Tim and spoke to him for several hours in order to ensure that he and his service was the real deal.

Long story short, what he’s put together is a “MUST HAVE” for all gun owners, and I’m one of their newest Members.

Finding yourself in a situation where the life of you or your family is in danger is low. And yet you own a gun anyway because it’s high enough. And that means you need to be ready for the consequences.

Don’t let some jackass threaten your life, and then steal your future over a few quarters a day.


You can click here to learn more about Self Defense Shield and sign up. His service comes with a 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee, which means you’ve got nothing to lose. He’s got some old-school values you’ll appreciate… If you don’t like it, you don’t pay.

— Doug Giles,