Hang ‘Em High: Old West Philosophy for Applying Justice

Written by Mark Mayberry on May 2, 2014

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.
– General James “Mad Dog” Mattis

When did American men become so afraid of righteous violence? At some point we went from John Wayne and Clint Eastwood to the Backstreet Boys and whoever the gay flavor of the month is. Remember when we used to like when the bad guy got killed in the end of a movie? Now we have to have some overarching “morality” lesson and now the hero is the bigger person and let’s this evil character live. I have a huge problem with this and the main reason is because all of these metrosexual tendencies are spreading like a cancer and now we can’t even execute killers without feeling bad about it. Because God forbid we be happy about killing evil people, then we might not be able to keep the elusive “moral high ground” that I keep hearing about.

I read a news story today about a man named Clayton Lockett. Clayton shot a 19 year old girl named Stephanie Neiman and then watched while two of his buddies buried her alive. Clayton got the needle today and apparently it didn’t go as planned. For some reason the drugs reacted poorly and it took Clayton around three minutes to die. According to reports during the three minutes he experience labored breathing, spasms and groaning. Clayton died of a massive heart attack shortly after that. My heart just weeps for his anguish. My only hope is that when he woke up in hell his accommodations weren’t near as nice as his air conditioned cell in Oklahoma.

Instead of the country sharing my feelings, I hear many lamenting his suffering. Is anyone even curious what it was like to be a 19 year old girl shot by some common thug and then to be buried alive and slowly suffocate in a crude hole in the ground? Or what about the suffering of her parents, God bless them, who will rise and sleep every single day with the knowledge that their little girl was suffocating in a hole and bleeding to death. Her parents are left with nothing but the cold realization that their child’s final moments were spent suffocating, alone and bleeding out. But you people want me to cry tears for this piece of garbage.

Hell, I wish they would bring back hangings. I’d love nothing more than to see these animals at the end of a rope in the middle of town. But somehow we have become too good for justice. Now we don’t care as much about the victim as we do the civil rights of an unrepentant killer. I believe that once you rob someone of their rights by murdering them, the state is going to confiscate yours. Once you prove that you don’t mind taking the life of a teenage girl, then you have proven you are not a member of society but rather a predator who must be dealt with.

Because of this hiccup today with our newly departed friend Clayton, Oklahoma is more than likely going to suspend death sentences. Let me let you know who was on deck for the needle after Clayton. This little sweetheart is named Charles Warner. Charlie raped and murdered his girlfriend’s eleven month old child. To give you some brief background, Charlie was convicted once and it was overturned on appeal. Then he was convicted a second time and again sentenced to death by a new jury. Now he gets to live for another two weeks because the state of Oklahoma is concerned about his feeling pain. The horror; why would we want a rapist and murderer of an eleven month old child to feel pain?

I got news for Oklahoma, there is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to kill a piece of human garbage. You don’t need the needle. You could hang him, shoot him, strap his deviant butt to the electric chair or throw him in the gas chamber. These were all acceptable less than two decades ago. I bet if you look hard enough there is an electric chair still in mothballs under the prison. If not I will be happy to donate my rifle and a 5.56 round.

These are two cases in one state. This isn’t isolated, there are perverts and killers all over the country that are living on death row just waiting to die. Not only are living fairly well on death row, we pay for people to make sure these monsters’ civil rights are intact and that they get treated with dignity at the hour of their death, ten to twenty years in the future. It is time for a change. If you afford no dignity to your victims then none will be afforded to you. It is okay to be okay with righteous vengeance. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

I feel like in America we have all become pansies. We don’t want to hurt people’s families and make these men feel any indignity at their deaths, so we do it in private and with great sorrow. It’s time to get back to the time in America where “real men” didn’t want to kill anyone, but if the situation calls for it then it calls for. Unfortunately these disgusting crimes will never stop, however we are making them worse by making excuses and feeling empathy for these criminals when it’s time to pay the piper. Instead of crying for them and trying to play the whole moral high ground game, I got a better idea: why don’t we do like my hero Clint Eastwood and “Hang ‘Em High.” If Oklahoma forgot how to tie the noose I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to help them out.

Image: Courtesy of: http://stephensenglish10-2009-2010.wikispaces.com/D+Block+J+Group+2