Hustler and Our Culture Say, “Relax, It’s Just Sex”

Published on May 22, 2014

I was driving home the other night when I was waiting at a stoplight next to a “Hustler” store in Fort Lauderdale. I’ve never been in there but have driven by it to go to the beach quite often. If you’re not familiar with the store, it’s an ‘adult’ store – AKA porn and sex toys.

I was looking at the store through its huge see-through windows, and saw a big banner in the back of the store that said “Relax…it’s just sex” with a picture of a girl without clothes next to it (no private parts showing).

I thought about that phrase as I was driving, “Relax, it’s JUST sex”.

I thought about how our culture attempts to portray sex as something casual, and how the culture portrays it in this way, yet puts it on a pedestal as being it’s ‘god’ in a sense.

The same culture says that sex is normal, that you can do it with anyone you want and anytime you want, and that you don’t have to deal with any consequence that might come out of that – because after all, it’s JUST sex – is also the same culture that worships sex. Sometimes it feels like every single song I hear on the radio or every movie out there is about sex or something related to sex or something related to the opposite sex which leads to having sex with them. A lot of attention for something that’s so casual, eh?

Has the sexual revolution that our country continues to undergo really “liberated” people? Is sex really as casual as people make it out to be? Or has the steady cheapening of sex we see today caused harm to us instead?

Is sex really all that casual when…

  • Someone gets an STD that is life-threatening and eliminates their chances of ever finding a spouse that they can be with for the rest of their life?
  • A woman goes through with an abortion procedure to end the life of, as some like to call it, a “product of conception” (AKA another human being that happens to be her child), that now leads to a life of regret and shame?
  • An under-aged girl’s body is sold for a high monetary price so some sicko can flesh out his porno fantasies for a few minutes of “pleasure”; meanwhile this young girl won’t ever see her family again or even the age of 30?
  • A child is molested by an older family member or teacher or friend or “religious leader”, endures a lifetime of psychological issues and never understands how to value themselves?
  • A leader of a nation, business, organization, or mega-church has to forfeit an entire career because they decided to have sex with someone other than the person they vowed – in front of God, their families, and their state – to be faithful to for the rest of their lives?

When I think about these things, it doesn’t seem like sex is JUST sex. It seems to me like sex is something very powerful, and is a driving force in people’s lives that can cause them to make life-altering decisions.

Some people will risk EVERYTHING for sex – even their entire livelihoods and careers – just for a few minutes, or for some, minutes that will turn into years of habits that are kept a secret, which eventually come to the light.

Our culture has attempted to cheapen sex so much as to make it seem like we are animals – that there is no deeper meaning to sex. But is there?

Do we as humans have a deeper meaning to our lives? Most people would argue that we all have some sort of meaning in life. So does the most intimate thing we can do with someone else, where we are completely exposed, vulnerable, and literally naked to someone else, have meaning? Does something that has the power to create another human life – that will also have meaning and purpose – have a deeper significance than what we have made it out to be? I believe that it does.

I’m not trying to make it seem like sex is something evil. Sex is beautiful and bonds two people in a way that is incredible. But from what I have seen, especially in talking to [literally] hundreds of women, people can be affected for a lifetime because of sex – because it has been used in a way that is out of line with what it was intended to be.

If it is “JUST” sex then why does it have so much power over us? Because it’s not “JUST” sex. It’s something special, important, and most of all: sacred. And we would be wise to treat it in that way, unless we want to suffer the repercussions.

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