‘I’LL GIVE YOU $50 MIL TO PROVE IT’: Trump Thinks Obama Pretended to be Kenyan in College In Order to Get Financial Aid

Not only does billionaire Donald Trump not ‘regret’ questioning President Barack Obama’s birth place, Trump now says there’s ‘a very good chance’ president Obama pretended to be Kenyan in order to attract financial aid money in college.

‘Because if you say you were born in Kenya, you got aid, and you got into colleges,’ Trump said, ‘People were doing that.’

Even after Obama released documentation of his birth, Trump said he remained unconvinced.

Several days before the 2012 presidential election, Trump announced that he was offering President Obama $5 million to put toward a charity in his home town, Chicago, Illinois, if he turned over his birth certificate, passport and college records.

Trump says he later increased that amount to $50 million, a number that was not reported in the media at the time, but Obama still wouldn’t play ball.

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