North Korea’s Racist, Anti-American Dispatch: Can’t Trust Narcissists!

Published on May 11, 2014

by Beth Perry
Clash Daily Contributor

If there is anything I loathe more than people crying, “Racist!” just to shut up opposing views, it is genuine racism. The world was exposed this week to some extreme examples of government-sponsored racial slurring when the Washington Post reported on a dispatch released by North Korea’s state news agency, KCNA. The dispatch distributed remarks made by allegedly ordinary North Korean citizens (and allegedly of their own free will), and which were directed at President Obama and South Korean President, Park Geun-hye. These remarks are so vile that the U.S. State Department – though typically slow in condemning Communist regimes since Obama first came to office — responded quickly and with uncharacteristically harsh denunciation.

Some of the dispatch commentary is so disgusting I refuse to repeat it. But to give you a gist of the level of disgusting I am talking about, take for example the words of “steel worker” Kang Hyok, who is quoted as saying, “It would be better for him [Obama] to live with other monkeys at a wild animal park in Africa … and licking bread crumbs thrown by onlookers.” Likewise, South Korea’s Park Geun-hye was portrayed as a prostitute, in thrall of her “pimp”, Obama.

These government-distributed tirades follow on the heels of last month’s U.S.-South Korean summit in Seoul. They likewise come in the wake of Obama’s renewed warnings to North Korea regarding stronger sanctions if they continue their nuclear testing. The Communist dictatorship has a long history of making shameful comments about rival governments, so these racial slurs can’t truly be called surprising. The only thing surprising is that the North Korean government held off on spewing this type of stupid as long as it did – because it certainly has gone out of its way in promoting other forms of stupid, most notably in the glorification of its current leader, Kim Jong Un.

Here is a leader that has had his former mistress killed. One who has overseen the execution of his own uncle. A tyrant that has turned a blind eye on widespread hunger in his own country. One that has been hailed by his state-run publicity agents as nothing less than the most handsome, virile and desirable man on earth –yes, even though he bears an uncanny resemblance to the Shoney’s Big Boy. And lest we forget, he has –or DID have- a few siblings who seem to have conveniently vanished from the very face of the earth. Despite that such exaggerated public promotion of their porky leader has turned the North Korean government into the butt of worldwide jokes, its officials continue to crank out the stupid.

Now, I don’t like Barrack Obama’s policies and frankly, his activities often suggest he is more interested in enjoying the celebrity that has come in being President of the United States than the actual duties of the office. Nevertheless, Obama is still Commander-in-Chief of the country I love. Despite my frustrations with him, I don’t want to hear racist remarks cast against the man, and I most certainly don’t want to hear them from a bunch of murderous, liberty-suppressing bullies like the North Korean officials.

This government’s bloated sense of self-importance is certainly comical enough; but being recognized as a pompous ass has never dissuaded any ass from being an ass. North Korea officials have shown the world their desire to lord it over others time and again. If there is one optimistic thing to be taken away from their latest case of stupid, it may come from the wake up call the Obama administration has surely received – that: 1.) a dictatorship cannot be trusted; and 2.) with this particular dictatorship, hollow talks of sanctions have no effect.

If Obama really wants to halt the danger of more nuclear testing in the Pacific Rim, he must stop salivating for a Cold War with Russia and get serious with North Korea. Otherwise, Kim Jong Un and his band of butchering morons will, through dumb luck or sheer evil determination, one day make lunch out of those countries they have craved to dominate for decades.

beth perry editBeth Perry is a fiscally conservative Libertarian and a follower of Norse Traditionalism. She is known as a writer of children’s stories and as a contributor to Hubpages. Under her pen name, Anya Howard, she has authored several Romance novels and stories. Happily married and mother of four, Beth lives in the Smokey Mountains region of Tennessee where she has never made moonshine – though she has been known to dance under it. See: