Time to Cheer? The Alinsky Coalition Is Breaking Apart (Part Two)

Written by Allan Erickson on May 25, 2014

(Continued from Part one here)

Unlike the polar ice cap, the Alinsky Coalition appears to be breaking up. When Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi appear on the verge of stroke, incapable of pronunciation, it can’t be good for the Jackass Party. When Hillary distances herself, and Democrats run from ObamaCare, it’s obvious there’s not much hail for the chief. The radicalized Democrat Party seems to be imploding and exploding at the same time, fearing a loss of the Senate in November.

Just what is the Alinsky Coalition? Well, the short answer: it’s the modern Democrat Party–a collection of political groups embracing far left ideologies …

So what evidence do we have that the Alinsky Coalition is beginning the break apart? … (See “Exhibits” One through Three here):

Exhibit Four:  War  on Women
This latest Alinsky gimmick to skewer conservatives was a dud.  Polling indicates women don’t like the contraception mandate in ObamaCare, and they aren’t real comfortable with public funding of abortion.  Broken promises, i.e., lies, concerning an ability to retain favored physicians and health plans made women distrustful. Moreover, women recognize hypocrisy when they hear Obama whine about comparable pay at the same time White House salaries favor men.   Furthermore, women care about national security, a huge priority.  Can anyone tell us women feel more secure after five years of surrender, retreat and defeat?  A nuclear Iran feeding a nuclear North Korea in coordination with China and Russia in support of Jihad does not paint a picture of increased security.  

Eventually, women will also see same sex marriage as a threat, not only to traditional marriage, but also to the health of the nuclear family, another target of the Alinsky Coalition.  The real war on women is being waged by the Left, and women are realizing it in greater numbers, especially when they see the research about the devastating effects of abortion, not to mention the connections between pornography, prostitution, abortion and trafficking.  

All this and we haven’t even mentioned the terrible results for women given the impact of Obamanomics. Unemployment  among women has skyrocketed under Obama.   For women, neglect is as bad as abuse, and they suspect this president of both.  When Obama supports Sharia, women see a president supporting the abuse of women by his silence. 

Exhibit Five:  Crony Capitalism = Fascism/Communism
Obama has been very clear: he wants to “spread the wealth.”  That means government steals from one citizen to give to another, and in the process, government gets control of everyone.  ObamaCare and Cap ‘n Trade are primarily floated to redistribute wealth. 

People generally resist being robbed.  Increasingly  they see a president in bed with corporations and Wall Street, as he talks the talk of the populist.  Another point for hypocrisy.  Then he insults business people saying they “didn’t build that”. Moving on, he gives corporations bailouts, takes enormous corporation campaign contributions, rails against such bailouts and contributions, insisting he cares about the little guys.  He throws them the ObamaCare bone which turns out to be another epic failure, so, the rich get richer, the poor stay poor, and the middle class crumbles.  

Good job, Barack.  Everything is worse for everyone, except for you and the elites. Meanwhile, liberty constricts behind government over-reach, the feds buy bullets and tanks and threaten God-given rights in the name of maintaining order.   

Far Left folk love socialism and Birkenstocks.  They didn’t bargain for exploitive elitism trending totalitarian.   

Exhibit Six:  Indefinite Detention
Where the ACLU meets Ted Cruz, both accusing the president of violating the very heart of due process, the rule of law and constitutional protections.  Based only on suspicion, a citizen can be arrested, detained without charge, and held indefinitely. Even the far left is aghast, including Rachel Maddow. More splintering of the sacred Alinsky Coalition.

Exhibit Seven:  A War President and failed foreign policy
He left Iraq too early after opposing that war.  Now the country is a mess, and remarkably, just recently, he gave a speech in Europe defending the legality of American intervention.  Talk about all over the map, as this Leftist points out:

Obama is failing in Afghanistan.  He fails in the face of Russian aggression.  He fails to confront North Korea and Iran.  He can’t even get the Japanese to agree on trade. Nigeria and Sudan: Obama is completely ineffective.  The far left is livid over his use of drones, and his inability to build alliances.   Many decry his efforts to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt and Qaddafi in Libya, both countries suffering massive violence and chaos as a result.  The least that can be said is Obama is an enormous force for destabilization no matter where he goes.  

Did we mention 100,000+ civilian casualties in Syria due in part to American weakness?  Many on the Left see Obama as a warlord, willing to kill Americans with drones, a man willing to topple sovereign governments without any authority.  The Coalition splits accordingly.

(To Be Continued …)

Image: Modified from: http://churchmousec.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/who-was-saul-alinsky/


Allan Erickson
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