3 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A GUN: 3 Female Thugs Beat Woman While Morons Jeer/Film

Published on June 29, 2014

Wow.  Are these the ones Whitney Houston sang about the in the song The Greatest Love Of All?  Or are they extra’s from Dawn of the Planet of The Apes?  Oh, BTW, if you don’t know how to use a gun you should get training.  Also, if you do not have a concealed carry permit to carry said weapon, you ought to go ahead and get that done.

A shocking video has surfaced showing a gang of girls attacking a woman who was sitting alone on a park bench in New York City.

It is not clear when the video, which appears to show an attack in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, was filmed but police are using it to try to identify the attackers.

Despite the attack taking place during the day, no one was seen coming to the victim’s aid and a group of men standing nearby appeared to be encouraging the attack.

The footage, which appears to have been filmed on a cell phone before it was shared online, shows a girl approach the victim on a bench and start beating her about the head.

Two other girls join in, and appear to be slapping the woman about the face and upper body, before dragging her by the hair on to the ground.

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