METALLICA STUNS AT GLASTONBURY: Leaving Anti-Hunters/Whiners Speechless

Published on June 29, 2014 has well documented the anti-hunters rage against Metallica for Hetfield’s hunting and how the ‘antis’ attempted to get them kicked off Glastonbury’s line up for the music festival.

Amidst much protest and complaining, Metallica took the stage yesterday and stunned the concert goers with a ‘sensational’ performance. Watch their gobsmacked reactions. Ahahaha!

All I can say is that hunters rock. Enjoy.

Via BBC:

Formed 33 years ago, the group’s best-known songs include Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters and Master of Puppets.

The band also addressed criticism of Hetfield’s involvement with pro-hunting groups head-on, showing an extended clip of an English fox hunt, soundtracked by Sweet’s glam rock classic Fox on the Run.

At the climax of the hunt, four men in bear costumes shot the riders from their horses.

The bear’s heads were removed to reveal the four grinning members of Metallica.

The band didn’t hold back, delivering a sensory assault of punchy power riffs from the outset.

But it wasn’t just, as one critic suggested “loud one, loud one, loud one, encore” – with moments of acoustic reflection and supple musicianship amidst the double kick drums.

In the end, Metallica did what they came to do – win over new fans.



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