ATHEISTS: Why They Amuse Me

Written by Wes Walker on June 14, 2014

Sometimes, atheists simply amuse me. No, really. It’s true!

For a group that loves to take themselves so very seriously, they can be really funny… even if they don’t mean to be. Or maybe, “especially” then.

The things they do that amuse me tend to pile up, and I can’t take the time to dedicate separate articles for each one. So I’ll have to do the next best thing, and throw a few examples into one post.

What amuses me about atheists?  Lots of things:

– When atheists get together to celebrate their atheism, develop a liturgy, and proselytize to others to share in their atheism? That amuses me. (Especially when there are entire formerly-Christian denominations that have long since beat them to it.)

– The fact that other atheists have expressed concern about the implications of that trend amuses me more.

– When (we’re-not-a-religion) atheist groups have a (not-a) church splits over issues of orthodoxy, (!) that’s even funnier. [I suppose your religious split now disproves your unbelief? Or will your side be retreating from that line of attack?]

– And when one of the biggest “Grand Poobahs” of the militant “New Atheist” movement tells the world he is (would you believe?!) a “secular Christian“?? Isn’t that “Rich”?

I can’t help but wonder whether the Dawkins-bots who love to cut-and-paste his polemics suddenly feel as though they’ve just been thrown under a tram.

Will they still quote him? Or is he now damaged goods?

Who knows? But for now, thanks for the laughs!

wesWhy are atheists so interested in the idea of Church?

It could be they instinctively understand what I’ve argued in one chapter of my book, A Blueprint for Government that Doesn’t Suck.

For a nation to run properly, we really do need somebody in the role that the Church has historically played. Why does society *need* the church? It’s actually has a role in smaller, more effective government. Get your own copy and find out!