GUESS HOW MUCH: Chelsea Clinton’s Salary For Doing Nothing Will Blow Your Mind

Published on June 14, 2014

For being the daughter of two ‘broke dead’ politicians, it seems like Chelsea Clinton is doing pretty well. According to the Daily Mail, she earned a salary of about $600,000 of NBC News even though she was barely on the air. See below:

Chelsea Clinton had a $600,000 annual contract with NBC but has recently switched over to a month-to-month arrangement in case her mother runs for president.

The news network would cut ties with the former first daughter if her mother formally announces that she will be seeking the presidency, and the month-to-month contract would be an easier way to do that.

It is not clear how much she earns in the monthly deal, but Politico reported that her contract was up for renewal or non-renewal this year.

While it is not uncommon for well-known anchors to earn multiple millions per year, but Clinton’s reported annual salary is high for the frequency of her segments.

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