An Aussie Destroys Obama’s Praise For Australian Gun Laws

Published on June 15, 2014

Here is an open letter from an Australian, Nick Adams, to President Obama. After giving praise to Australia for their gun laws, this aussie lays it all out so there is no confusion about the myths surrounding their gun laws. Via Joe for America:

Dear Mr. President,

You recently hailed “Australian gun laws”.

…The “success” of the 1996 Australian gun reform is a myth.

The only thing achieved was to take away the guns of the law-abiding, leaving only the criminals armed. Is this what you wish for America?

In Australia, if a citizen has firearms, the police have a right to search their property without a warrant any time. Does that sound like America?

…The right to bear arms is not wrong nor unnecessary. It is:

  • the greatest test of genuine freedom,
  • the best protection of you, your family and your property,
  • the ultimate deterrent against government overreach.

The Constitutional right to bear arms is pivotal. The American idea is a value system. If you take away the guns of America, you take away America.

Mr. President, your country is the one the world relies on. Right now, it is at a tipping point.

Forget guns.

Focus on: ending the waste, paying back the debt, limiting the government and axing political correctness. That’s how you’ll get America to boomerang.

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