BAGHDAD COULD BE BENGHAZI ON STEROIDS: ‘It’s too politically sensitive’ to Evacuate the U.S. Embassy

Published on June 15, 2014

Some are saying that Baghdad could be the next Benghazi as a Muslim caliphate is forming in Iraq. Megyn Kelly discusses how the embassy in Baghdad is not being evacuated because of ‘political sensitivity’. See below according to Liberty Unyielding:

The first is from Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show on Friday, 13 June.  In it, she talks with retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, a Fox military analyst.

Peters makes this point:

There is a very good chance our embassy will be attacked before Obama does a thing.

And he conveys this appalling message:

I’ve been hearing from friends inside the system.  They’re horrified.  They’re mortified.  The intelligence community has been briefing Obama and his team, his NSC team for months on this, Megyn, and a friend of mine was just distraught when he spoke to me; he said, We still – and this is as of today – we still cannot convince the president that this is serious.

Then comes this exchange at the end (emphasis added):

Kelly:  We are getting reports out of the Pentagon tonight that those in the embassy – that some are very concerned about their own safety…that they are not being evacuated.  That the way it’s been put is that it’s too politically sensitive to evacuate them.

Peters:  Yeah, well, this could make Benghazi look like chump change.

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