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Glad Someone Has Said It: Troops’ Sacrifice in Iraq Not in Vain

From Gary Bauer: an excellent observation about our fighting men and women’s sacrifices in Iraq, Afghanistan and the broader war or terror. Not many people are making this point. Thank God for Gary Bauer‘s doing so!

From Campaign for Working Families/June 16, 2014

A terrible narrative is gaining traction as the scenes of jihadists driving toward Baghdad dominate the news. The narrative boils down to this: that the thousands of U.S. servicemen and women who fought, were wounded and died did so in vain.

The narrative is fueled by leftists who blame George W. Bush for getting us into Iraq and by some on the right who realize Obama’s weak foreign policy is eroding the hard-fought gains our brave soldiers won.

Here’s my take. No matter what happens in Iraq or Afghanistan, the sacrifices of our fighting forces were not made in vain. We went into both countries for many reasons: to destroy Al Qaeda, to take out Saddam Hussein and to destroy weapons of mass destruction.

But we went to war for another reason too: to put the jihadists on the defensive in order to prevent an even worse 9/11. And we did!

Our brave men and women in uniform bought us more than 12 years in which we have raised our children, enjoyed liberty, worshipped God, started families and lived in freedom without experiencing another horrible attack on our homeland.

There is nothing that anyone, including Obama, can do to take away those 12 years or destroy the blessings… Read the Rest at: Campaign for Working Families

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