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Hoo-Boy! Barack Obama versus the Middle East Muddle

Our know-nothing, do-nothing imposter-in-chief is dithering again.

Between playing golf and fund-raising, he is doing what he’s best at doing…
campaigning.  The problem is that once you’ve successfully campaigned and won the office, you have to actually know what you’re supposed to be doing…and the current president doesn’t have a clue!  He has never run so much as a lemonade stand, so the business or executive background is not there.  To top that, he has several other know-nothings, and Susan Rice is a prime example, to advise him as to what this country should be doing.  The administration consists of his cronies, all yes-men, and all determined to shield the president from the real world…as if he wasn’t already in his own little fantasy world.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it should certainly be now, that this president has an agenda that has as it’s main goal the destruction of the United States.  Add all the internal scandals together and you have a picture of a president that is either a congenital liar, which I believe he is, or a president that is so incompetent that he couldn’t find his way from the Oval Office to the West Wing unless he had someone to guide him along the way.  The people, or at least some of them, that are guiding him are Valerie Jarrett, a foreign-born slum-lord, a product of the Chicago political morass, General Martin Dempsey, whose only aim in life is to retire without a blemish on his record, and if that means that he has to plant a kiss now and then on the posterior of the president, he will do just that.

Every possible thing that can be done to decimate this country’s position in the world, is being done by this administration.  They have literally opened the southern border to thousands of illegal aliens.  These people come here knowing full well that the odds are very much in their favor that they will never be found and deported, once they get into the general population.  It’s a dream-world, and no pun intended, that the administration is living in, thinking that what they are doing is sitting well with the public…because it isn’t.  Does the president care what the public thinks?

Nah–not unless it interferes with his plans, and since he thinks he can do anything he wants, who’s to say nay?  Certainly not the spineless Congress that he has cowed.

It isn’t just the Congress that is cowed, it’s the mainstream media as well.  They just don’t have the guts to bring the stories to the forefront, if it’s something that will cast a shadow over this president.  You would think, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility in my mind, that all the bosses at the alphabet networks are being paid off by the White House.   Why else would they distort the truth, deliberately lie about events, and omit crucial details about what’s going on in the world?  I can’t be the only one that sees the mainstream media as being in the president’s hip-pocket?  Sure, I watch them from time to time, but it’s to see if they are covering what’s actually happening– and they are not.  Fluff and marshmallow interviews are their stock-in-trade it looks like.

With the exception of Israel, and maybe Egypt, the rest of the Middle East is a tribal-and-warlord type of region.  For centuries, maybe thousands of years, the peoples of the Middle East have been fighting each other.  There is no universal concept of a central government, there is no equal sharing of power, there is no respect for the borders of a country–they roam all over, killing their enemies as they find them, and in the case of the United States, they sort of have a common enemy.   China is much older than the majority of countries in the Middle East and it has taken a couple of strong leaders, albeit cruel ones, to bring them into the modern era.  I just don’t believe that will happen in the Middle East, at least not during my life time.

The president, that incompetent, lying, buffoon, is pursuing the agenda that was given to him, right down to the abandonment of our troops and civilian workers, who are working for our government.  The all-volunteer armed forces that we have now will shrink because the potential volunteers will realize that their government is not backing them up–not on the battlefield, not in the hospitals and not in return to civilian life.  A diminished military also diminishes the nation.  Between an ineffective military, and a feckless president, the rest of the world sees us as a weakened power, something more to be pitied than feared–and that, my friends, is a very sad commentary on the United States, and something I never thought I’d live to see. 

Wake up America–your country needs you!   Make some sort of effort to get rid of the leeches in Washington, and especially those in the White House.   It saddens me when I think of the America in which I grew up and which, unless things get changed and quickly, my grandchildren will never know.

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