HERO STUFF: Bad Ass Student Takes Shotgun Away From Killer At Seattle School

Published on June 6, 2014

Instead of rolling up in the fetal position and wetting himself, Jon Meis did what normal young men used to do: namely kick the bad guy’s ass by any means possible.

Way to go young squire! Someone buy that man a beer.  He wins ClashDaily.com’s “I’m Not A Metrosexual Wussy Award” for this week:

A 26-year-old gunman has opened fire at a small, Christian university in Seattle – killing one student and wounding three more with shotgun blasts.

And police say he could have killed others if it wasn’t for the actions of one heroic student who pepper sprayed the gunman and tackled him to the ground.

Students at Seattle Pacific University say Jon Meis saved countless lives when he sprang into action as the shooter stopped to reload his weapon Thursday afternoon.

Meis, a 26-year-old engineering student, is engaged to be married and has ‘everything to live for’ friends said. But he risked his life and ended the murderous rampage.

‘I’m proud of the selfless actions that my roommate, Jon Meis, showed today taking down the shooter. He is a hero,’ tweeted Matt Garcia.

Classmate Briana Clarke told the Seattle Times that Meis, who was on duty as a hall monitor, sprayed the attacker in the face, grabbed him around the neck and then wrestled him to the ground.

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