ISIS Will Bring The BOOM, Obama Won’t Stop It–They Know It!

Written by Audrey Russo on June 29, 2014

ISIS have been busy little Jihadis. They have plans…nothing big…just creating a Sunni Islamic State across Iraq & Syria, and the installation of a Caliphate (An FYI: The caliphate is an Islamic State ruled by a caliph or successor of Muhammed. The last caliphate was held by Ottoman Turkish sultans until it was abolished by Kemal Atatürk in 1924, when Turkey became secular/free (but that is now being reversed).

These little Muslim miscreants have threatened to execute all who stand in their way. They have threatened our greatest ally (and only true friend) in the region, Israel, with a nuclear attack.

But they don’t play favorites with infidels (except the ones they REALLY hate). They are an inclusive lot…they didn’t want anyone to feel left out…so…they were thoughtful enough to include America in their target list.

According to the Counter Jihad Report, supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have launched a viral propaganda campaign on Twitter threatening to attack the United States and its interests if America acts militarily against the group in Iraq.

These threats were launched through messages on ISIS’s #CalamityWillBefallUS hashtag and highlight images of: The 9/11 attacks; dead American soldiers; the body of slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens; a threatening message from Anwar al-Awlaki, the late leader of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP); and the Nick Berg beheading video, to name a grisly few.

But, hey…they’re ALL the way over there…and we’re ALL the way over here, so why worry?
Tragically, this president has given citizens (and free people everywhere) TONS to worry about…

Our Borders:
Although our immigration problem had not begun under Obama, his administration has enabled and provoked more illegal activity than any other administration in recent history. Remember when his former Sec. of Homeland Security, Napolitano, was asked if terrorists were sneaking across our borders, she answered, “From time to time.”

Taking a line from Poltergeist, “They’re HERE!.”

Disastrous Foreign Policy:
This is almost unnecessary to mention because it is ostensible to a child, but Obama’s epic fail is in the area of Foreign Policy (funny, I thought that’s precisely why Joe Biden was placed on the ticket…but I guess he was never able to remove his big red nose and exploding shoes in time to offer advice). The result of Obama’s FP: Our allies don’t trust us. Our enemies don’t fear us. Brilliant, if you were shooting for the moniker of moron. Obama has been an asset to tyrannical behavior globally and this supposed leader of the Free World has put free people EVERYWHERE in peril.

Weakening of our Military:
Part of Obama’s agenda (like his idol Saul Alinsky) was to bring America to its knees. And in order to accomplish that, he had to eviscerate the greatest Military force in the world. Well, he’s done a stellar job. He has made our powerful forces…the ones the Free World could always count on to defend freedom…appear weak and feeble, by his hatchet-job on our military readiness.

Affinity for Islam:
A hands-off policy is in effect. Since 9-11, groups like CAIR (terrorist front group for Hamas) have taken a page from the militant “gay” movement’s playbook (After The Ball) and made the ideology of the perps of 9-11, the VICTIM. They have used Lawfare against our laws (put in place to protect freedom) to defeat our liberties. Muslims are a protected class…and, more importantly, so is their ideology.

And let’s not forget the words of the now-leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to his guards in 2009 when he was released from Camp Bucca, the largest U.S. detention camp in Iraq at the time: “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

Obama has left us vulnerable to another attack. Our enemies are giddy with hate, and they can’t wait to destroy the perpetrators of freedom & democracy that have crashed their par-tay for Allah, because America has been crashing it for the past 238 years.

If and when ISIS does hit America, they’ll be bringing the BOOM…to Obama’s presidency!

Shalom through strength…

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