KILLER SEX: Guess How Many Men She Purposely Infected With AIDS

Published on June 28, 2014

Yeah, waiting until marriage is so yesterday…God is just some cosmic killjoy that doesn’t want us to have fun. But I guess it’s all fun and games until one person infects hundreds of people with HIV. See below from World Truth:

A female student in Kenya has revealed that she has infected a total of 324 men with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The HIV positive girl, who attends the Kabarak University in Nakuru, is said to have been infected by a man at a party.

The unidentified 19-year old is allegedly aiming to infect a total of 2000 men in revenge.

The girl allegedly contacted Kenyan Scandals on Facebook and claimed she had something to confess.

The girl then confessed she had already infected 324 men, 156 of which are students at the Kabarak University where she studies, the rest are married men, lecturers, lawyers, celebrities and politicians.

“Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly 4 people per day,” she continued in her confession. “Your day is coming, you men destroyed my life and I will make you and your people pay for it”

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