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SAVAGES: Woman Savagely Beaten In Front Of Her 2yr. Old While Bystanders Film It

If this video doesn’t prompt you to get weapons training and a concealed carry, then nothing will.  Unbelievable and brutal beating, viewer warning.

Oh, by the way, is this a ‘hate crime’?  Because the victim is white, and the attacker (who also appears to be a Muslim from the pic) and onlookers are black and they offered no assistance.  Or is it a hate crime only when the roles are reversed?

WARNING: This video contains scenes of violence and explicit language which may be disturbing to some viewers. An amateur video posted on Facebook, but since removed, shows a woman being savagely beaten Tuesday night in Salem City as her young son watches and tries to intervene.


Via NY Daily News:

The attack occurred in a park Tuesday night as a woman — identified by authorities as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem — is violently and repeatedly striking a woman lying on the ground.

The victim’s 2-year-old son is standing nearby and, despite the adults present, is the only person trying to stop her. He makes several kicks at the attacker’s direction, but it does not stop the assault on his mother.

At one point of the video, two people walk around Harris in order to get a better view. Some spectators are also heard “oohing” as Harris kicks the defenseless woman lying on the ground.


Watch below to see the victim, Catherine Ferreira, speak out about the incident: