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Mess in Iraq: Bush’s War…Obama’s Peace…Islam’s Victory

by Jerry Novick
Clash Daily Contributor

I was against the war in Iraq before I was for it, and I was only ever for it in the sense of “now that we’re here, let’s have a clear objective and fight to win.”

Sadly, neither Bush nor Obama had clear objectives nor the fortitude to fight to win. And thus Iraq did indeed become this generation’s Vietnam – a war with no real reason for us to be there other than the amorphous purpose of protecting America’s interests abroad.

Which honestly could be used as the reason to start any preemptive war or get involved in any country’s internal struggles. And personally, I am against both of those things, unless it is undeniably verified that the country in question has their finger on the trigger and the gun is pointed at either us or an ally whom we are committed to protecting.

Which is why it doesn’t bother me that during the current crisis in Iraq, Obama is on the golf course and not in the White House, where he could do a lot more damage. At least on the golf course, he can take the time to figure out how the ISIS militants he supported in the Syrian Civil War are now the bad guys in Iraq’s new civil war.

Confusing, isn’t it? That’s because you really can’t tell one player from another when it comes to Islam without the proverbial Program. So let’s sort out the players:

ISIS – this is the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (i.e., Syria). They are a Sunni Muslim Jihadist terrorist group that up until a few months ago was best buddies with al-Qaeda. But al-Qaeda wasn’t  radical enough for them. In Syria, ISIS is part of the rebel forces that Obama (and some RINOs like John McCain) wants America to back. But as rebels in Iraq, they are the bad guys. So they are on America’s Maybe Bad Guys, Might Be Good Guys list. It depends on what day it is. And what country they are attacking. And Obama’s handicap (which many say is John Kerry).
Iraq – Iraq is currently a “democratic” country whose government is dominated by Shiite Muslims. America built that. They are under attack by ISIS and losing badly. Iraq is on America’s Good Guy list. It should be noted that before Bush’s war in Iraq, it was a Sunni nation.
Syria – Syria is currently a dictatorship run by Shiite Muslims. Syria is on America’s Bad Guys list.
Iran – This Shiite Muslim faux-democracy, really a theocracy but kind of a dictatorship country is on America’s Bad Guy list – except the list kept by Obama. Then they are on the Potential Friends with Benefits list. Iran has entered the new Iraqi Civil War on the Iraqi government’s side, which is sort of America’s side. But they are only doing that because they hate Sunni Muslims a whole lot. Which is why the sided with Syria in their civil war. You know, on the opposite side of America.

Now, if you’ll notice, the conflict currently running all over the Middle East is a war between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims. (There are other Muslim sects, like the Kurds, but those sects are small by comparison and sitting on the sidelines for now.) Sunnis and Shiites really hate each other and want to wipe each other off of the map.

To which I say “Fine.”

Let them wipe each other out. It’s really none of our concern. Because what we need to be concerned with is that both sects hate America a whole lot also, and are chomping at the bit to wipe us off of the map. Terrorism is their first step, subtle invasion is their second, and all out war is to come next. Their goal is destroy the West and establish a world-wide Islamic Caliphate. But right now, they are busy fighting over who gets to do that.

So I say America should sit back, hone our skills, build up our forces, get as many Christians and Jews out of harms way, and call “next game”. Let those who hate us gnaw each other down to the bone. Let them weaken themselves with in-fighting. Because the truth is, they will one day soon turn their attentions to America and the West full bore. And then we’ll have a war on our hands that we will have to fight, with the objective being survival.

And that’s a war we better fight to win.

Image; Courtesy of: Controversy

Jerry NovickJerry Novick lives in a Liberal-Progressive, high-tax Blue State where he dreams of the day when his hard work and judicious savings program allows him and his family to head off to more Conservative climes. Jerry’s resume as a professional writer spans nearly 30 years and pretty much every genre and form you can think of. When not contributing to ClashDaily, he writes political commentary at