NOTE THIS: Small Business Owners Grade the States, California F, Texas A+

No shocker here: Texas is rated the best place by small business owners, compared to California who received an F. See the report from Breitbart Texas below:

Another business climate survey was just released, and, in what won’t be a shock for regular Breitbart readers, it assigns Texas a grade of A+ for small business friendliness with California netting an F. What makes this survey unique is both the surveyor, Thumbtack, and the methodology.

Thumbtack’s survey scored business owners’ opinion about ten items: ease of starting a business (Texas A+, California F), ease of hiring (Texas A, California B-), overall regulations (Texas A+, California F), friendliness of health and safety regulations (Texas A, California F), friendliness of employment labor and hiring regulations (Texas A+, California F), friendliness of the tax code (Texas A+, California D), friendliness of licensing regulations (Texas A, California D), friendliness of environmental regulations (Texas A+, California F), friendliness of zoning regulations (Texas A+, California D), and availability of helpful training and networking programs (Texas A, California C-).

While state law and regulations generally outweigh local law—even in the arena of zoning, California increasingly encroaches on local authority—cities do still hold some leeway in encouraging or discouraging business. Thumbtack graded ten California cities and five Texas cities:



Anaheim D+

Austin A+

Los Angeles D

Dallas A+

Oakland B-

Fort Worth A+

Oxnard F

Houston A+

Riverside D

San Antonio A

Sacramento F

San Diego F

San Francisco C-

San Jose D+

Santa Rosa D


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