Mesopotamian Mess: George H.W. Gets a Second Shot at Iraq

Written by S.C. Sherman on June 21, 2014

Big surprise. Iraq is under siege again, and black smoke is rising from the Middle East. Wow, I didn’t see that coming, said no one ever who has been watching at all. When we withdrew all of our troops and didn’t set up a SOFA (status of forces agreement) this new war was all but guaranteed. Sorry about that poor citizen of Iraq, more death for Iraqis. Better get that ink off your thumb and quick. Leaving no troops created a power vacuum. That was our mistake in the most recent past. That mistake sits on a heaping pile of previous mistakes.

Has anyone ever noticed the state of constant anger and unrest in the Middle East? Has anyone ever thought, gee…why don’t they get along? Of course, millions of people have asked that, and many different empires have set up shop in Mesopotamia to try to inflict peace upon the region. Here’s a few…The Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, The Turks, The Arabs, The Roman Empire, The Ottoman’s, followed by The Sunnis and Shiites…propped up by the USA. Maybe our biggest mistake was assuming the people in this region want peace? Or assuming we could force peace on them.

I know people will scream at that, every human being wants peace! These poor folks need our protection. Maybe, but we can’t provide it and we can’t make the Middle East safe for them. It’s a fact. I saw Benjamin Netanyahu interviewed one time and he was asked what it was like being the lone Jewish state surrounded by Islamist neighbors rife with terrorists all wanting his annihilation. He merely chuckled and said, “It’s a tough neighborhood.” That is what it takes to live in the Middle East. A strong leader and a strong people. Ben’s got the moxie to pull it off. Iraq doesn’t.

If you lack either one of those things, you will be dominated by your neighbors because it is a tough neighborhood. Iraq’s army took off their uniforms and ran at the first sight of these ISIS whack jobs. I don’t think they learned that move from our guys. Our guys don’t have that move. The minute that happened, the ISIS terrorists were emboldened, Iran saw blood in the water and instantly sent 2000 troops to help. That’s like Satan sending in help as you’re fighting a demon.

Which brings me to my final point. They’re all liars! The art of lying to friends and enemies alike is an art form in the Middle East. They believe if they can successfully lie to you and you fall for it, it’s your fault for being so gullible. These guys are desert horse traders, and they’d sell out their mother to win in a deal and then shoot her in the back. So who can we trust? No one. Not ISIS, not Iran, not Maliki, no one. We’re fools if we do.

Apparently, this terrorist group just found all the missing WMDs in the factory they were produced in. Really? After all our searching, we never looked there? C’mon, this is lies. Iran is probably supplying the ISIS guys while acting like the hero, but who knows, it’s all lies. So my vote is…we’re out. Keep shredding documents in the embassy as fast as those little shredders can hum. We could send Uncle Ollie over if you need help. Once were done, turn the lights off and hop a chopper. We’ve got the George H.W. Bush on his way to the rescue.

Fitting isn’t it. The aircraft carrier that Obama sends to the rescue is named the George H.W. Bush…that’s just funny to me. Old man Bush might get one last chance to blow some stuff up in Iraq. We spent 1 Trillion dollars there, lost 4500 of our best human beings for the ability to watch it fall apart in about five days to group of terrorist rabble.

Let’s get a chair and watch this one from North America. Sunnis killing Shiites, Shiites killing Sunnis…sounds like just another day in the Middle East. It’s a tough neighborhood.

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