It’s Now Obvious: Mexico Declares War on the USA

Published on June 30, 2014

Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Have we become so used to lawlessness by our own government that we can no longer recognize when another government has declared war on us ? What is the evidence of War ?
In Vietnam the enemy trained children to kill ( What? You thought suicide bombers were something new ? ). So now Mexico is sending children across the boarder, in an act of financial warfare. They are attempting to cripple us economically by adding thousands to welfare roles where they must be cared for by the state, or our federal government .

A Mexican Military Helicopter crosses border and fires on U.S. border patrol agents . Mexico routinely violates our borders and has threatened use of weapons against the U.S. on our sovereign soil ( many times ). Did our Air Force fly retaliatory strikes ? Did we take out some Mexican airfields and aircraft ? Not just NO , but HELL NO .

I contacted the border patrol in Texas and asked if they needed volunteers to fight against the Mexicans . They said NO and weren’t even aware that Arizona was attacked by Mexico !

I call on our Governor to call out the National Guard, and completely close down the Mexican border . All new invaders should be shot and their bodies displayed on the border as a deterrent against further incursions against our sovereignty .

I wouldn’t complain if our government were to make a prisoner swap of all these illegal aliens invading our borders for a Marine who lost his way and is currently imprisoned in a Mexican jail.  To encourage an exchange these invaders should only receive bread and water for 1 week while waiting for exchange and if not exchanged they should be shot as enemy combatants .

Maybe, just maybe our government would then  seal/close the border against illegal invaders . Call your Congressman and demand a Declaration of War against Mexico, and any peace treaty must include Mexican guarantees that they will police their side of the boarder and halt all illegal invaders . Does illegal invaders or invaders make it more palatable to have them shot than calling them illegal immigrants ?  or undocumented aliens ? Why not just call them spies and invaders since they are attempting to collapse our legal government .

Millions for defense, but not one cent for welfare for invaders.

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