Obama, Best Prez in U.S. History? Fallacy #11: He Is for Education

Written by David Hiatt on June 2, 2014

If one would substitute the word indoctrination in place of education, that my friends is what Obama advocates and prioritizes in the unionized educational “industry”. Obviously, Mr. Blogger is unable to think outside of the box and become analytical because he is the product of indoctrination in our Educational system, as are many teachers and professors. In return, our nation has children that are learning the minimum to survive and being programmed to cogitate only what the government deems viable.

Here is Mr. Blogger’s eleventh effort to take a stab at why Barry is the greatest President ever, but before moving on; I believe you need to learn a tad more about the young man that is not in touch with the real world.

Mr. Blogger states,

I am an award winning writer, activist, and the Chairman of the Department of Elementary & Special Education and an Associate Professor of Education at Langston University. I spent seven years as a K-12 teacher – an experience that gave me an intimate view of the challenges facing genuine education reform. Before assuming my position at Langston, I spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Secondary and Social Studies Programs at Widener University. With that experience behind me, I’ve focused the second stage of my career on researching topics related to education reform, the achievement gap, and teacher education.

Mr. B’s reasoning for fallacy #11 lacks merit, unless the goal is to incentivize indoctrination of a statist society and I am really surprised not to find encouraging mention of “Common Core”, another educational means of dumbing down our youth.

11. He is for education. Obama has always been an advocate for education, making it a top priority during his administration. Believing education is what brings about the strength of a nation, Obama has set a goal for the U.S. to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. He has increased federal funding and doubled the amount of grant money allocated to students seeking a higher education to cover rising tuition costs. During his presidency, Obama also passed the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans and the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics to ensure equal education for people of color.

I actually thought Obama’s top priorities were golfing, having parties at the White House and traveling at the tax payer’s expense. Another top priority is destroying America from within by implementing his asinine health care plan, allowing illegals to flow into this country and rob us blind and now he wants to take our money to control the climate. When most adults make a promise, that promise becomes a priority.

In Ohio on September 15, 2009, Barack Obama confidently promised the employees, “But I want you all to know, I will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream.” I imagine Obama must be one very tired man since he hasn’t rested in over five years attempting to fulfill many of his failed priorities. At least he is capable of tying his shoes, buttoning his shirt and pulling the wool over many misinformed citizens eyes through his lies and misrepresentations.

When Mr. Blogger states, “Obama has set a goal for the U.S. to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020”, I imagine that might be a utopian goal in order to proselytize our youth. The “collective” problem is, most students must get loans in order to pay for school. School costs are going up due to the government control of student loan programs which is a vicious cycle of its own.

In the present job market the corporate complex cannot sustain the number of graduates you are suggesting unless of course the majority are hired by the government itself. I hope Barry is long gone in the year 2020 but it is nice of him to place one of his failed “priorities” on another president. That is not an uncommon practice of his if we take a look at his kicking his own health care atrocity down the road, forcing it on another administration.

Our educational system is as much an atrocity as our own government. Until both are replaced with God- fearing, Constitutional Conservatives, we can only expect its continued diminishment.

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David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.