With Everything Going On — Where is Our President?

Published on June 2, 2014

By Larry Usoff
Clash Daily Contributor

When things are popping up all over the world, we have a president that learns about things from the TV news, or reads about it in the newspapers. What sort of leadership is that?

The answer is, it isn’t leadership at all. We are missing a president in the White House. What we have is an imposter, a community organizer, a man who says one thing, and does the exact opposite. What we have is a commander-in-chief that despises the armed forces that are pledged to save his sorry butt if the event arises.

What we have is a man running a country, into the ground, because he’s never run anything so much as a lemonade stand, in his life. What we have is a man who, I believe, is foreign-born, and was brought up in a culture that is absolutely incompatible with American characteristics.

Where is our president? He’s out playing golf, or off on a fund-raising junket, or vacationing, and it’s all on our money. Where is our president when our diplomatic buildings are breached, our ambassador and three others murdered?

Where is a man like Teddy Roosevelt, who said to speak softly but carry a big stick? Our president has it all backwards because he speaks harshly, and has no stick to back it up. Where is a man like Dwight Eisenhower, who knew the importance of a strong military? Our president has it backwards here too…he decimates the armed forces at a time when potential adversaries are building up theirs.

We have the potential to become one of, if not the largest producer of fossil fuel, and natural gas, in the world. Our president is once again dithering over the approval of the Keystone pipeline, and again, he’s got it backward. The dollar is being shoved aside in the world markets, as the Chinese yuan gains strength, and our president is spending us into bankruptcy, as well as giving aid to countries that dislike us…intensely. Where is our president? We have a know-nothing, do-nothing, never-has-done-anything sitting on his duff, dithering away the potential of this country.

If we don’t oust this president, if we don’t clean up the government, on both sides of the aisle, if we don’t get back to the United States Constitution, we are going to be surrendering even more than we already have. This president doesn’t believe in the law, he’s made that clear on several occasions. This president claims to be a Christian but he ignores or gives lip-service to the plight of Christians around the world. That, by itself, would be enough for me to believe that he is a Muslim, but there’s more, much more, that could condemn him.

He brings into this country, into his administration, people that have known ties to terrorist organizations. He is the most hostile-to-Israel president that I can recall ever being in office. He has figuratively given the finger to our only real ally in the Middle East. If a big war breaks out in the Middle East I doubt seriously that this president would do anything about it…maybe go out and play a round of golf.

Where is a man like John Kennedy, a war hero and a real American? Where is a man like Harry Truman, who took over the reins of government and ended the war by using our atomic weapons. Harry was a gentleman, plain-speaking, but an Army veteran, and a real American. Our current president is a wuss. He throws a baseball like a girl, rides a girl’s style bicycle and, generally, is what Arnold Schwarzenegger once referred to as a girly-man.

He is not what this country needed…not now, not ever. He is cool, and that demeanor, plus a lot of thuggery, got him into the Oval Office. Cool cannot replace competency, and he is not competent. He is a fake, a fraud of the first magnitude when what we need is a man of true grit.

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