SATAN’S POSTER BOY: Here’s Jihadist’s Glory Boy Creating Chaos In Iraq, He’ll Be Dead Soon

Published on June 15, 2014

Didn’t Joe Biden say Iraq is the greatest achievement of Obama’s administration, or to something to that affect?  Let’s take a look at the jihadist chief executioner that poses in videos with no face mask. See below from the Daily Mail:

His rugged good looks are winning the hearts of women across the Arab Middle East.

Yet he appears in grotesque videos that show him interrogating and executing prisoners in the most unpleasant ways.

Referred to as the ‘Desert Lion’ by his supporters, Shakir Wahiyib  is the public face of the army threatening to destroy Iraq and is the chief executioner of the ISIS terror group.

Unlike many other commanders in the Islamist militant organisation, he appears on camera without covering his face.

Little is known about Wahiyib, however, his tribal surname – Fahdawi – suggests he is from the Anbar-based Albu Fahd tribe, known to US forces as one of the ‘sinister six’ that first allied with al-Qaeda after Saddam Hussein’s fall.

Wahiyib, who is thought to be in his late-20s, first gained notoriety through a chilling video which surfaced on jihadist websites last summer, showing him and his gang executing three Syrian lorry drivers who had been driving through ISIS territory in Anbar.

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