Oprah and ‘The Shack’ — They Deserve Each Other

Written by Wes Walker on June 6, 2014

It’s finally happened: Oprah will be playing God.

What I mean is, not that she’s got an inflated sense of her own importance (merely). I mean she will now be playing “God The Father”. “Playing” as in: movie role.

Before you ask — that is not a misprint. If a black woman playing God the Father sounds weird to you, you may have been fortunate enough never to have been exposed to the train wreck known as The Shack.

It’s another staggering example of mass-marketing proving that businessmen can’t go broke by slapping a “Christian” label on weapons-grade stupidity. This wildly, uh, “successful” (20 million or so copies) book will be turned into a film.

Why, you might ask, do they deserve each other? Simple: both Oprah and The Shack have abandoned orthodox Christianity, and created a vision of “god” more palatable to their own tastes. That used to be called “idolatry”. Or at least “heresy”.

Now it’s called “Best Seller”.

My recommendation, (having read it): avoid this like the plague.

You have been warned.

The link where this story is announced: WND

A helpful review of the book: courtesy of Challies

Image: Courtesy of: www.atoast2wealth.com