SCREWED: Limbaugh, ‘The Obama Presidency is Just Getting Started’

Published on June 19, 2014

It looks like America is too little too late after drinking the Obama kool-aid in overdose. Rush Limbaugh says that the Obama presidency is just beginning as things are really just starting to roll out as he had predicted back in 2009. Check it out via Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: So I got in here today, and I got a flash e-mail: “Hey, Rush, I know you’ve got a ban on MSNBC, but F. Chuck Todd said that the Obama presidency is over. It’s done. It’s fini because of the latest NBC News/Washington Post poll.”  I’m sad to say that F. Chuck Todd is wrong.  In fact, the correct way to look at the Obama administration is that it’s just now getting started.  It is in no way over.  It is in no way crumbling.  It may be in public opinion, but that doesn’t matter.  I will explain myself in great detail in mere moments.

But the take-away is, this administration, this presidency is not cratered, it’s not over, it’s just now really beginning.  I mean, the things that have happened up ’til now I was worried would happen, predicted they would happen, knew they would happen.  That’s why I warned everybody about it back in January of 2009.  But what is happening now is essentially really intensifying in the last six months, and what is going to continue to happen from now ’til the end of this administration, it’s really only just beginning.

RUSH: The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which just has the Drive-By Media in fits of depression. They are so low.  They believe the Regime is over.  Public opinion is everything to them. By the way, I’ve looked at this poll and it’s bad for Obama, but it’s not good for the Republicans, either.