More Taliban Terror Will Be His Legacy: ‘The Obama Five’

Written by S.C. Sherman on June 7, 2014

There have rightly been a lot of articles written since President Obama traded five Taliban senior terrorists for one American traitor. I will say right now we need a court martial of Bowe Bergdahl immediately. That will give him his say and the abundance of sources exploding all over the internet claiming his treason will be able to swear it under oath and cross examination. That is our way, let’s get it on. I believe the evidence is clear Bergdahl is a traitor, how deep he went we don’t know for sure.

I won’t endeavor to enter the mind of the President. A place I fear is devoid of thoughts other than sports brackets and tee times. I will not venture a guess as to whose idea it was to break a law Obama had only signed six months earlier and release five Gitmo prisoners ignoring the federally required thirty day notice to Congress. I won’t try to understand what could have possessed this team of geniuses to think five bad guys for one American was a good deal. I will only say that I believe it to be an attempt at wagging the dog away from the growing VA scandal. Well, they succeeded; the VA scandal is not in the news. Sometimes, that dog just turns around and rips your face off.

I believe this was Obama’s signature moment. Even more than Obamacare, which should be his mill stone? This singular event has set his entire legacy on a course he can no longer control. These terrorists released from Gitmo have been called the “Taliban Dream Team” and “The Gitmo Five”. Those are fine names, but I think they will be forever known simply as The Obama Five. At the end of the game, Obama is going to wish they were a basketball team.

These five men are forever linked to President Obama and he is forever tied to them. He single-handedly, and without Democrat or Republican support, released them back out into the wild. Sort of like taking a man-killing bear and releasing it many miles from its home. That bear many times will find its way home and kill again. It’s called recidivism. It means to return to bad behavior with no thought to the punishment again and again. The recidivism rates for Gitmo terrorists defy logic they are so high.

Guaranteed, these men will unleash hell upon the innocent. Blood will be shed. We will see one of these five become famous, like Osama bin Laden. One of them will push the detonation button on camera or be the one beheading some innocent person for the world to watch. You can count on this. It will happen, and when it does, the Obama legacy will forever be set in blood.

The future dead from The Obama Five will be upon his head alone. He chose this fate whether he knew it or not. Obama might as well be on camera with bombers. Everything these five men do the rest of their terrifying lives will be vicariously laid upon Barack Obama. Nothing he has done or will do can come close to eclipsing this mistake. We can argue it all day long right now, but once the terror act is done by one of The Obama Five the history books can be written. Obama will be remembered, not as a peacemaker and unifier, as he dreamed of being. He will be remembered as the one who set the devil free to murder and maim, maybe just a few, but perhaps a thousand or even hundreds of thousands if a Nuke is used. Whatever it is, it belongs to Barack Obama and no one else.

The Obama Five will be Obama’s legacy.

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