Why Violence? Before There Were Guns, There Were Snakes

Written by R.G. Yoho on June 2, 2014

If you routinely listen to politicians and the media, then you will most certainly learn a lot of things that simply aren’t true.

Now let me say that I don’t believe that all of this misinformation is disseminated to us to deliberately further someone’s ideological agenda. Some of it is just well-meaning hogwash, brought to you by people with good intentions and bad intellects.

However, much of this garbage is brought to you by people who actually know better.
These are the ones that all of us should truly fear.

They are the deceivers, deliberately lying about what they really want to achieve.
These serpents use this misinformation to lead people down the wrong paths, to enslave, to gain power, and ultimately to destroy.

Whenever a person seeks to kill another individual, we are often wrongly told that economic, environmental, and/or social conditions are the primary reasons for these acts of violence.

However, in all reality, the causes have nothing to do with economics or conditions. In addition, they have nothing to do with ready access to guns.

These same people will often try to convince you that those who grow up in poor neighborhoods have no chance to rise above their adverse conditions or poor economic status.

But that is simply not the case. It might make one’s life more difficult, but certainly not impossible.

However, if you take this same argument and turn it around, it would stand to reason that children who came from good homes and good economic conditions would always choose to go down the right path.

That certainly isn’t the case as well.

Please consider this example: Adam and Eve had a pair of sons.

Their names were Cain and Abel.

Cain and Abel grew up in a good neighborhood. There was no crime. Nobody ever needed to lock their doors.

Cain was never exposed to violent video games. He never watched television programs that were filled with random sex and violence. Cain never listened to violent or illicit rap lyrics.

There had never been a murder, no thefts, no rapes, or any other sort of crime. None of these ever took place in Cain’s neighborhood throughout all the years of his childhood.
Therefore, by all of these measures, Cain should have been a good person and an outstanding citizen. He should have lived a good life. He should have made his parents proud.

But Cain didn’t make his parents proud.

Instead, he brought them shame and heartbreak.

Many politicians in Washington and those in the media bombard us with claims that all incidents of random violence would forever cease if only we had a gun-free environment. And should those things all occur, then no parent would ever once again have to lose a child to murder.

Cain had a society exactly like that.

Cain grew up in a good place, a home and community which many liberals in Washington would deem to be perfect. The National Rifle Association was nowhere to be found. There were no high capacity magazines. There were no Glocks and nobody even heard of an AR-15. Gun shows were non-existent.

Living in a world with no guns, no NRA, and no gun shows, Adam and Eve shouldn’t have needed any reason to worry about the senseless death of one of their children, Cain and Abel.

But Cain still murdered his brother, Abel. And there were NO guns.

Therefore, any intelligent person should reach the conclusion that we have been right all along. Maybe the NRA is correct; it really isn’t the guns.

Like a number of us have already said, perhaps there really are dark forces of evil working in this world. Maybe the incidents of gun violence have a lot more to do with the serpent that appeared in the Garden than they did with the guns that would later appear outside of it.

So, if we really want to prevent these acts of random violence, maybe we should spend more time identifying the serpents and less time listening to them.

Image: Courtesy of: http://occamstypewriter.org/city-limits/page/2/


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R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”