ANTI-HUNTERS CAN’T HANDLE THIS: Ted Nugent Reveals What The Media Ignores About Hunters

Written by Doug Giles on July 18, 2014

Nugent hammers home what most hunters know and what I point out in my new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation, in my chapter, ‘The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Hunting’.

The Blaze – Rock legend Ted Nugent revealed a “hidden secret” on Glenn Beck’s radio program Wednesday that he says the media has kept hidden for 26 years: he and other hunters donate roughly 250 million meals each year through programs like Hunters for the Hungry.

“We process and we cook and distribute 250 million hot meals of pure, nutritious, low-fat, low-cholesterol, wild organic venison,” Nugent said. “250 million meals a year, Glenn.”

“That’s one of the most staggering facts I have ever heard, that I have never heard,” Beck responded. “That’s absolutely crazy that’s not out there.”

“The propaganda ministry hates me, hates hunters, hates freedom, hates private property rights,” Nugent said. “We have so many deer in this country — more than ever in recorded history.”

Hunting provides massive amounts of food for the poor. Unlike the liberal blowhards who talk about helping the poor, many hunters practically do it by feeding them. The hunter, who generally speaking is a conservative, is supposed to be, according to the Mange Stream Media, a calloused living heart donor. However, the reality is that we provide a massive, benevolent source of high-protein, low-fat food to the poor at our own expense. Put that in your hookah and smoke it, anti-hunting morons.

Here’s the truth, weepy, “save the poor” hypocrites: the “evil” group known to you as hunters gives away hundreds of thousands of pounds of the best meat on the planet at their expense to the poorest among us. In the last couple of years alone, my buddies and I have paid for the hunting, butchering and processing of, conservatively, 10,000 pounds of sweet venison for the poor in Africa, at risk kids, Christian ministries, and abused and battered women here in the U.S. of A. That’s 10,000 plus pounds of meat just between a few guys in the last few years. How do you, the “loving liberal”, stack up against that? Not very well, I’ll bet.

“In his killer new book RISE, KILL & EAT: A Theology of Hunting From Genesis to Revelation Doug carries on with his courageous war against the lunatic fringe who dare recommend Bambi solutions to the annual production of edible wildlife.” –Ted Nugent

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