BRAIN CHILD: Chick Gets Arrested for Posting Selfie With Stolen Dress

Published on July 20, 2014

KFVS12 News

How does the saying go? Stupid is as stupid does? This Millennial generation is making it too easy for everyone except themselves when they do stuff like this. Check out this brain child….

WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) – A social media post helped land a southern Illinois woman behind bars.

A southern Illinois business owner says after a women apparently robbed him, she posted the evidence on Facebook, which led to her own arrest.

Not many people can say their selfie landed them in jail.

But, for one West Frankfort woman, it did just that.


The owners of Mortie’s Boutique in West Frankfort say they watched surveillance video of a woman allegedly stealing a dress from their store. That is when they took to social media to help track down the apparent thief.

“We posted a picture, not a picture,  just words saying ‘If anyone sees a leopard color dress, let us know about it, come tell us, call us, text us,”‘ Kert Williams, one of the store owners, said. “At 6:30 we got this picture saying, ‘Love my new dress,’ the selfie she took.”

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