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Fall of Freedom: Democracies Enforcing Islamic Sharia Law

The heart of mankind has always cried for freedom, when tyrannical leaders begin to crush their God-given liberties. Blaise Pascal once said: “Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.”

A lesson dearly learned by two World Wars. But a lesson being quickly forgotten by the current leadership in the Free World…

Islam is a tyrannical, totalitarian ideology…which officially claims to be the State religion of 23 countries. Its tentacles wrap completely around the Muslim population (and the non-Muslim, as well) with draconian dictates that strangle the very THOUGHT of individual freedom or liberty. One serious problem with this ideology is…its determination to spread its cancer globally.

But what makes this a greater problem to Democracy is when perniciously ignorant Western leaders kowtow to the laws of this creed, endangering freedom for everyone.

Hence the problem freedom-loving people in the West now face…

Islamic Sharia Law is not only being tolerated in Western courts, but respected and obeyed. The Center for Security Policy published a report in 2011 titled, Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases. This study analyzed a total of 50 cases from 23 different states: 6 cases in New Jersey; 5 in California; 4 each in Florida, Massachusetts and Washington; 3 each in Maryland, Texas and Virginia; 2 each in Iowa, Louisiana and Nebraska; and 1 each in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio and South Carolina.

All cases considered and respected Islamic Sharia Law above the Constitution.

Now, remember that the essence of Sharia Law demands that it be the supreme Law of the land. No other Law…including the U.S. Constitution…is permitted to be above Islamic Sharia Law. Sharia proponents are overturning our long-held legal traditions to follow precepts laid down by a faith that represents less than one percent of our population and whose beliefs are at odds with U.S. legal and spiritual history and tradition. American law reflects Judeo-Christian values and traditions, but that is being ignored as Sharia has encroached upon the American legal system, and Muslim advocacy groups (like CAIR) have increased pressure to institute Sharia.

But America is not alone in this battle. Europe is a few steps ahead of us… Islamic Sharia law entered Europe after World War II by weakened European nations withdrawing from their colonies and bringing back to Europe their former colonial subjects as refugees and cheap labor, from Muslim nations. These nations included Pakistan (to the UK), Turkey (to Germany) and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia (to France).

Initially, Sharia law was applied independently within the small Muslim jurisdictions of Europe. But after several decades, those enclaves have grown to where Sharia now challenges the Judeo-Christian foundations of their host European nations.

Case in point, the UK now boasts 130 Sharia courts. We can see the acquiescence of the UK non-Sharia courts with a recent case where Chelsea Lambie, 18, and two of her friends were convicted by a jury of threatening and abusive behavior in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their crime, according to The Scotsman: Throwing raw bacon at a Mosque. Chelsea was sentenced to one year imprisonment.

No matter what you may think of the trios form of expression…it was not worthy of a year of incarceration. Christians and Jews have endured much more than insults for centuries for their beliefs…yet they never found it necessary to punish and utilize Lawfare to terrorize the population. The reason Muslims require this…it’s a mandate of Islamic Sharia Law. Non-Muslims (infidels, kafir) must acquiesce to Islam.

To continue to remain silent in the face of this onslaught of our freedoms is a betrayal of all the West holds dear. Of all that keeps us free. And the worst betrayal of all: To all those who have sacrificed life and limb to preserve those freedoms.

Founder, American Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher, Printer, Writer and Inventor (all thanks to freedom) Benjamin Franklin, once said: “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Liberty-lovers everywhere: It’s time to choose…please choose wisely.

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Audrey Russo

Audrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show (NYC). Audrey writes a column for and handles Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues, and her articles can be read in several other news/opinion journals. She is also a contributor on Audrey's Radio Show can also be heard on the Leading Edge Radio Network. Audrey is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.

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