GEEKS & LOSERS RULE: Study Shows Unpopular Teens Outperform Snooty Peers In Adulthood

Published on July 7, 2014

All the ‘cool kids’ take not note: reality bites.  Yep, according to this study, it appears that the ‘geeks and losers’ you ridiculed developed a skill set which put them on a course for prosperity while you sought praise for superficial crap.  Check it out Clash parents and pass on to your ‘geeky’ … ‘loser’… child.

If you struggled to fit in at school, you might take some comfort from this.

According to a study, those who are less popular as teenagers end up doing better in life than their ‘cooler’ peers.

Researchers followed the lives of adolescents for ten years and discovered the ones who were considered ‘geeks’ went on to  outperform the others by the time they reached early adulthood.

The study, which examined 184 teenagers from the age of 13, found those considered popular in their early and mid-teens were more likely to suffer drug abuse problems and social isolation as adults.

Academics at the University of Virginia also said that the group’s definition of ‘cool’ changed over time. They said boys aged 13 who exhibited ‘pseudo-mature behaviour’ such as kissing girls and committing minor vandalism were considered popular.

However, ten years on, many of them found it  difficult to interact with their peers and engage in meaningful relationships.

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