ANTI-HUNTERS ARE CUCKOO: New York Village to Spend $130K to Sterilize Deer

Published on July 7, 2014

The smarmy anti-hunting folks from NY must feel really good as they shell out $1000 a doe to sterilize the deer that are over populating their island.

I say it’s cruel to keep a doe from having a fawn … a cute fawn like Bambi.

One other way they could take care of the deer herd is to cull them, receive revenue from hunters and give the meat to the downtrodden.  Y’know … like the broke and suffering Hillary Clinton.

BTW, watch the velocity on your tranquilizer guns.  I hear that you guys have killed deer in the past with your attempts to save them by having the darts to crank up as it goes out of the barrel. Check it out, Clashers…

The village of East Hampton on Long Island is experiencing a deer boom, a problem that it shares with neighboring towns. This year, however, the town of just about 1,000 residents will be rolling out a new strategy to deal with the increasing deer population. According to CBS News, East Hampton officials plan on moving ahead with surgical sterilization of more than 100 does. The program will cost the city about $130,000—roughly $1,000 for every doe—and so far the village board has only raised $30,000. Supporters of the plan say that the expense is worth it.

“I’ve had Lyme disease several times and it’s just horrible,” one resident said. “We should just kill the deer. We need to do it now.”

An increase in Lyme disease is just one of the concerns associated with a growing deer population in close proximity with humans. Residents also worry that deer will cause property and forest damage, as well fuel as an uptick in traffic incidents. Earlier this year East Hampton decided not to go forward with a traditional deer cull by sharpshooters after protests by both animal rights advocates and hunters. Instead of expanding the deer hunting season, however, East Hampton’s Village Preservation Society convinced the board to opt for a surgical sterilization instead.

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